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    Chris, I contacted All Pro Greens about a year ago, wanting to sell your product. Ever since then, I have only qouted 1 green, not even getting it. What do you recommend for selling the greens more agressivly? I really believe in this product and would like to sell more of them.

    Thank you
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    We have had many contractors that have had trouble trying to sell the synthetic golf greens.

    Many times the contractor has done very little or no advertising of the product. Advertising is essential for selling. How can customers buy from you if they don't know you even offer the product?

    The golf industry is a $50 Billion a year industry. How many golf courses do you have within 20 miles of you? Think about the amount of reveune each course has to generate to pay for and maintain itself. The market (Golfers) is there - you just have to make them aware of the product.

    The good news is that you don't have to spend alot to promote the greens.
    A great place to start is taking either the hands-on or Online certification training class. The Sales & Marketing part of the class gives many ways to promote the greens, as well as, 4 brand new marketing programs designed for you to sell more greens at little or no cost to you: The Build A Green Day, The 19th Hole Mixer, Tradeshow Cross Promotional Program, & Replicated Websites. You can read about them in the "contractor" section of our website:

    Education is key with this product. Educating yourself about the proper install technique, educating yourself about the business of marketing & selling, and educating your customers - learning about this business will put you far ahead of others. Many of the strategies and tactics you learn from us can be applied to your other products and services.

    75% of contractors taking the class have sold a green within 2 weeks. One of the strategies shows you have to "profit" an additional $240.00 to $600.00 on every job. This one strategy will more than pay for taking the class. Here how it works - Sell the greens in increments of 5 ft. If a customer has an area of 12 x 32 for a green, you need to sell them a 12 x 35. At $10.00 per sq. ft. installed, you gain 12 x 3 foot area or 36 sq. ft. or $360.00 profit that goes straight to your bottom line.

    We have many success stories from the training classes: An Atlanta contractor installs an average of 2 greens a week and profits an average of $3000.00 per green. A Winconsin contractor sold 9 greens in 22 days. A Louisana contractor sold 4 greens to 4 customers in 1 week. A Connecticut contractor hosted a 19th Hole Mixer and had over 80 people attend. A California contractor hosted a Build A Green Day and had 31 people show up.

    I don't want you or any contractor to waste money on things the may not work.Don't spend your money trying to " reinvent the wheel ". You will learn the strategies and tactics from our successful contractors and can apply those same techniques to your local market.

    Call me to discuss anything 800-334-9005



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