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    Hey folks,

    This is more of an ethical question than anything else...

    I bring one thing to EVERY estimate I do... It's a "portfolio" Just a nice binder, first 2 pages have copies of my buisness license, and proof of insurance... The other 40+ pages are pictures of work I've done over the years. I did get permission from my old boss to use them, and from the customers at the time...

    I _TRY_ to explain what work I've done, and what work has been done by other professionals (At my previous employer we had certified applicators doing fert/wc, an arborist etc) But I have to wonder if they hear anything I say... Usually while looking through the book, you can just tell they're picturing their house on the front page of 'Better homes and gardens' and they really aren't listening to anything I've said.

    So is it dishonest to be using my portfolio like this? Should I just start replacing the old pictures with ones of my current properties (they aren't nearly as nice, as most haven't been properly maintained in many years)

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    Use 'em. You got permission, you disclose limitations to your customers... and it's working. You might then add in your own good ones over time, either replacing or supplementing your current pictures. Sounds like you've got a good technique for selling... I wouldn't feel guilty or wrong about it.

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