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Discussion in 'Employment' started by BCFLawnLandscape, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. BCFLawnLandscape

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    Curious to know how someone would pay a person to go out, and get new jobs. Basically a salesperson to get new contracts, is this person paid by the hour? or by commission? any thoughts... Thanks!
  2. Coreyb

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    if all this person is going to do is sales than commission is the best way. the more they produce, the more they make. a commssioned sales person can never get paid too much. of think about a draw against commssion. this works as sort of an advance against commission. also they may want to annualize their commissions so they get a check all year.
  3. BCFLawnLandscape

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    Thanks for the info... That is what I was thinking as well, however what percent is a good percent to start off someone with? 3%, 4%? I'm not too hip on hiring a sales guy, never had to do it before!
  4. therainman

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    I say scrap the idea for a sales person. That is a non-value added position. Hire a good forman in do the sales work yourself. Already have a good employee that could take control of the crew??? That is even better. Add another laborer and you have added production at the lowest possible cost. You SHOULD be the best salesman for your own business. Who better to go meet that potential client than yourself. In the lawncare biz it is hard to retain clients that are willing to shop unless you provide some sort of trust. If they know they can deal with you and get things done, they will be more likely to stay.

  5. allinearth

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    rainman, that is fine if he can get to all calls in a timely matter. But if he is like me and alot of others someone else is needed to get to all the calls.

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