Sales Hep wanted Brevard or Flagler counites, Florida

Discussion in 'Employment' started by abrightday, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. abrightday

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    We are looking for a few people to do commissioned sales for residential & commercial accounts in Brevard & Flagler counties in Florida. We are a new Lawn & shrub care company, insect, weed, disease control. Looking for someone with experience and can tell the difference from a chinch bug and a big eyed bug, know how to estimate and be willing to make your own hours and decide how far you want to make it! A truly limitless opportunity. Call Able Lawn & Shrub Care, (877) 373- 6016, leave a message or ask for Walter, Thank you.
  2. Rob E

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    Question... How are you paying ?? Commision only or salary plus comission? What are you basing the commission on Gross or net? I am asking cause I have a small diliema since we are on the West Coast of FL and very gratefully busy and want to hire sales help?

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