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Bunton Guy

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We are slowly working our way to needing a sales person. What are some must haves for a sales person?

-company car
-fuel card
-cell phone
-business cards
-promotional items (pens,magnets etc..?)

What would be the perfect set of tools to make sure a sales associate had everything possible to make a sale?

Im thinking WAY ahead...maybe 2013 that we would hire. So I have plenty of time to gear up. The last sales person I had tried taking the company with him when I had to let him go .


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What would I look for in a sales person?

Experience working as a landscape laborer. You have to know average task durations to be able to bid efficiently...they should know your products, prices and company philosophy.

A people person with good follow-up and organizational skills, who has a passion for your business.


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The first tool in the box is sales skills. All the other items can be found anywhere.

A good sales person is first a good sales person, a technical skills person second. Sales skills are the best transferable skill for anybody to hold. A good sales person can learn the industry, but somebody with much industry know how may not be able to do the sales job.

A major missing piece of information in your OP is the target. Are you focusing on large commercial accounts, homeowners associations, apartment buildings, or ??? You mention brochures, which would mean you probably have a wide range of services. The sales person needs to understand the customer's needs and adapt to what is needed to make the sale.

A good web site may be more important than a supply of paper brochures. Again, this would depend upon the target, and how the sales person chooses to work. Before buying all those things in your list, you need the person FIRST. That person will help define on what they believe they need to do their job.