sales pitch for lawn care - what do you guys use as your opening sales pitch

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    I was curious what other guys used as there sales pitch when trying to get new customers. Like when you walk into a bank and ask for the manager and they come up what sales pitch do you use for this situation. What has been your results etc. Thanks for all your guys input.
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    I will tell you what is important to me as a homeowner. Sales pitches turn me off. I pulled the chemicals and seed application away from my landscaper because I can time the application in accordance with the weather. As an example, I apply fertilizer just before a rainfall this way it's not on the grass just sitting there waiting for the dog and the kids to walk all over it. My landscaper was unable to provide that niche service. Also, my landscaper is the owner of his company and he speaks English so I can talk to him about performing other services (planting, beds, trees, etc). Most companies here just have a crew at the house that speaks no English and they lose work. Visit your job sites, talk to your customers, be accessible, polite, a fairly priced and work will come.

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