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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ajeaajea, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. ajeaajea

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    What do you say to when you are passing out flyers?
  2. mowerbrad

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    Make sure you introduce yourself as the "owner" or "manager" or whatever your company title may be. Don't make it too long winded, make it quick and to the point. People don't want to hear a 5 minute sales pitch about your lawn company only to say "no" at the end.

    Here's an example:

    "Hi ma'am/sir, my name is (INSERT NAME HERE) and I'm the (COMPANY TITLE) of (COMPANY NAME). We are getting ready to sign up customers for the 2010 mowing season. Here is a flyer about our company with our contact info printed at the bottom. If you would be interested in any of our services, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Thank you for your time and have a nice afternoon."

    Personally, if I'm handing out flyers I'm not going to worry about a sales pitch except for just a few when the homeowner may be outside while I'm going by. Otherwise I put the flyer in the newspaper box and continue on.
  3. fiveoboy01

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    Brad has a good answer. Just introduce yourself and tell them if they need anything at all to call you.

    Generally I like to avoid customer contact when doing flyers so I do them at night or during the day when people are at work.

    If I had to stop and talk to each person for 1 minute while passing out flyers, that would take up a lot of my time and cut down on the flyer distribution considerably.
  4. a_mow_zing

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    my only suggestion to the above would be if you do interact with a homeowner, let them know that if they already have somebody that does a great job like you to let you know when the season comes, that you might be able to save them some money and that quotes are free....when they call and you go out, ask how much they are paying currently, even if you cant beat the price, you know what the going rate for said company is.....but i am a noob
  5. ProcsLC

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    We employ a different tactic when it comes to interacting with a potential new customer... When we hand out flyers it's usually on a Saturday, I've trained the guys that help me (good friends of mine) how to dress (professionally) what to say, and how to quote a lawn service... Meeting customers when handing out flyers works wonders for us in getting new contracts... 1st impressions are crucial, taking an extra 5 minutes meeting someone face to face usually ends in a call back, scheduled job, or full season contract...

    Take time now to develop a solid sales pitch, say it to friends and family, might sound gay... But it will let them hear you and what your saying and can critque you before you go fumble in the field...

    I always greet people professionally and address them as sir or ma'm... Then I ask them if they're ready for spring and letting them know we are already in their area servicing neighbors of theres and looking to add a few more properties to the upcoming season schedule... I always tell people their lawn looks nice, but could probably benefit from this and that service... (mulch in beds, fert or over seeding, bush trimming, etc...) and then close it with... If you have a few minutes to spare now I could give you a free quote for letting us handle it for you this season, let you enjoy a little more of the nicer weather we have coming our way.... (something like that)

    I find this approach generally informs the customer your willing to take time out of your day to talk about what they could do to improve the look of their lawn... I close more jobs and sales on first impression meetings then talking over the phone and coming back ect ect... It catches them off guard before they can call you and wait around for you to show up and come up with a price in their head ahead of time...

    So, I would reccomend having a nice logo branded shirt on, be clean shaven, have all your materials in hand and ready to quote someone right there on the spot... It works and works very well... Hope this helps!
  6. ajeaajea

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    thanks for the input. I'll definately use it when I go around this year.
  7. Roger

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    I'm with Pro... on this one, big time. Relationships is what is going to set you apart from somebody else. When selling lawn service, such as mowing, we aren't selling brain surgery, or rocket science. Nearly everybody can mow a lawn. It requires no special training, no special skill set, or education. At these initial meetings, the best thing to transpire is gaining the trust of the potential customer.

    fiveoboy, ... your post sounds like your objective is to get as many brochures passed out as possible. Is this your business goal, distribute fliers? I'm doubting so.

    If you can do the job needed, there are probably ten, twenty, or more others who can do the job just as well, ready to take the potential customer. If a potential customer has reason to trust you because of your personal contact, you are more likely to get the work. How can somebody get a confidence when just reading a brochure at their door?

    To be sure, pricing is a huge factor when somebody is making a decision. Assuming your price is competitive, and somebody is making a "toss up" decision, why wouldn't they choose somebody with whom they've had a conversation, albeit brief?
  8. froglawn

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    well said on the "relationships" part of things

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