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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by alc, Nov 7, 2007.

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    I have been pondering the idea of hiring a Sales Representitive/marketing manger. But I'm not sure of how I should structure the pay. I know I want them on a base salary + commisions, but I don't know what comm. rate I should be paying and I don't know what is a fair base salary. My business is running strong, but due to the size, I cant seem to get out of the office and road sale anymore. Don't get me wrong, we have work that comes in by phone all the time, but I know we could do more.. I would like to know what you guys think and what your thoughts are. I am also thinking of hiring a General Manager, to take some of the work load off myself and my wife. Again I don't know what to offer, I sure don't want to insult anyone. Can you guys give me some in-site. Thanks James
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    You don't give a whole lot of info in your post, as to why your stuck in the office. If you are simply answering phones hire a secertary to assist. Second would be a sales person, but that will require more training than a sec. also could structure pay based on commision/profit from jobs sold. A general manager would be last in my opion, most expensive, & you are giving up some control of your business.
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    Yes mike you are correct, I didnt explain myself. I run the only full service company here on the shore. From Power Sweeping, landscaping, tree service, parking area maint. if its outdoors we do it. I spend alot of time in the office working on landscape plans and biding jobs that already come to us due to our reputation. But with my size, I know I could have more. I am also spending time working on our new shop/warehouse/ and 2 new businesses we are starting. With those 2, that is why I am looking for ideas of a Gen. Manager. But right now I am trying to see if there is anyone out there that is big enought that have sales reps and or marketing managers. I thank you for your imput and I am looking forward to more. James

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