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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by seven-up, Sep 11, 2004.

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    Well, I have heard of different types of sales tactics, but what happened to my parents last night topped all else. These two guys selling vacuum cleaners stopped by their house around 6 p.m. Pop graduated high school with one of them (Ben), so he let them in. Apparently they had been fairly good friends at one point, but just went their seperate ways.

    Anyways at about 6:30, the other guy just gets up and leaves. Says he'll be right back, that he has to go somewhere. Just drives right off and leaves Ben trying to sell Pop this vacuum. (Some company named Kirby vacuums? never heard of them before this...) This guy just disappears. Now Ben is left at my parents house with out a ride. Is this some sort of new tactic? Show up, drop one off, leave the salesman in the house until they make the sale? Anyways, the first guy shows back up a little after 9:30 to pick up Ben. Never did get to sell their vacuum. They wanted 2 grand for this thing. However, they would knock 10% off because they had went to high school together. Give me a break....


    P.S. However, Mom was delighted, she didn't have to vacuum her house today.
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    That is really something. I would have offered to drive him home though.
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    yeah i used to work with a guy that said that was a pretty standard thing to do (he also sold kirbys) i dont know about 3 hours though thats a long time.
  4. dcondon

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    same thing happened to us........... I let him do his thing and sent him on his way :p Carpet looked nice
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    I own a Kirby.. but I bought it used off ebay. This was after they came twice within the same month (not knowing they'd been here previously). After they cleaned 2 rooms and vacuumed all of our beds.. I got them down to about $1300 and told them no thanks. They are one hell of a vacuum but of course not worth the price tag. These Kirby sales guys are trained very well. Typically they work in groups (I saw the van with 6-8 guys) and really hit the neighborhood hard. There is usually a supervisor close by if a salesperson thinks he's close to closing a deal.

    The guy that left was probably working another deal or looking for a new one.

    They are great vacuums but kind of heavy... if you have steps it may not be for you (your wife or kids).
  6. seven-up

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    Yea, they were driving a tan suburban. Today, while mowing our local five-star class restuarant, popeye's, I see them pull up across the way at another fast food place. There were 5 people in it. 2 men and 3 women. I guess they really do try to "canvas" a neighborhood.....

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    About a few years ago channel 9 did a story about these vacs. The had their star reporter set up a sting and it was rad, complete with hidden cam , mics viedo tape they played on the 5, 6, 10 and 11,O clock news .They showed all the sales tactics these people use trying to close a sale.

    Then they went to some of their offices and filmed there too. :pumpkin:

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    I had a door-to-door sales job a long time ago (for all of 3 days LOL). Everything they do and say is carefully scripted to elicit the desired responses/actions from the customer. I couldn't hack it...and the company seemed kind of shady to me. Anyway, it was very interesting to see things from the other side. I'm sure the other guy leaving was part of the sales strategy.
  9. walker-talker

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    Yes....a sales tatic I would say. I had one guy come by and after I said I could not afford it he ask if he could use my phone to call his supervisor, Bob. He calls and says "Hi Bob, Matt says he just cant afford it, but is real interested........whats that, he qualifies for a 10% discount and we will offer him special financing......great, I will ask him".....Keep in mind he is says this in a loud voice to be sure that I can hear it. What was real funny was the look on his face when he walked house was a fixer-up-er and diddnt have a stitch of carpet in Before he left I asked where my tickets for my free trip to Hawaii were for letting you demo you product here? He gave me a sheet of paper with the details on it. It had obviously copied about a million times and in the details of the deals it stated that I only qualified if I made over $90,000...or something like that. These guys are just con artist....and not very good ones.
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