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    I have a vendors license and I am a legitimate company. do i pay sales tax on the purchse of fert. etc. that I use in the course of my business? I am in Ohio.
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    Do you charge your customers sales tax?? If you do then generally you are exempt from sales tax on materials. If you do not charge your customers sales tax than you generally have to pay it. I would check with your accountant or state dept of revenue.
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    you need to file and exemption form with your supplier of products as you will not have to pay sales tax on your purchases that are end use customer, such as fertilizer, lime, etc
    But you are required to charge your customer's sales tax and collect it to be filed monthly with the ODT, for all work done each month. that tax that is collected for that month is due by the 23rd of the next month. If you have any questions you can PM me. Hope that helps!

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