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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jocko1104, Aug 19, 2002.

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    Wisconsin has sales tax and I have to collect 5.5% for my county.

    That .5% goes to help the Green Bay Slackers build a new stadium.
    I'm tryin to impose a .05% tax to help MY business grow but so far it isn't working.

    Taxes suck when they are used like this.
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    One of our FAQs on our website.

    <b>Click Here </b>
  3. jocko1104

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    Nice website. But I think that bites about the tax. The guidlines to come under the taxable service are nearly impossible, make less than $5000!! Thats rich! The state never misses thier cut do they? I can see why alot of guys work for cash.
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    collect sales tax in PA but only on maint. Mowing, fert etc. Not on landscaping or pruning unless you are there to mowlawn customer asks you to prune bush or plant flowers then it is taxable. No tax on seed or sod if you are starting new lawn but is taxable if lawn exists and you are trying to fix bare spots. If you understand this then please explain it to me.
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    well then I've been doing it wrong for too accountant, and after reading the state rules I agreed with him...says that everything we do is taxable EXCEPT tree trimming and snow removal...I know other companies who are charging sales tax on landscape installs like I do....dont you love our 'commonwealth' theres a word to gag a maggot....
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    That .5% sales tax will send you to the poor house. I would gladly pay more to help and KEEP a great team in the smallest pro city in the US. I wish the cities in SE VA could come together and have a pro team. GO PACKERS!!!!!
  7. crawdad

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    Well, wojo, go ahead and pay for sports if you like, everyone has things they like to spend money on, but Mow ed's point was, Why should we subsidize new stadiums so that millionaires can play children's games? Why? :confused:
    It just doesn't make sense to me.
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    Don't professional sports teams create revenue and jobs for the local economy also? The players may be millionaires and whining babies sometimes (OK, most of the time), but the big picture of staying a major league town and attracting tourists and major business to the area along with all the tax revenue genterated by them should offset the measly .5% sales tax the residents of Brown county have to pay. .5% = $5.00 on a $1000 purchase. Not a big investment for the return in my opinion, and we all know what opinions are like. :D

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