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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thefarmer4, Dec 9, 2000.

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    I currently charge Sales Tax on any products that I resell to customers. I have a NYS sales tax certificate. My question is are we suppose to collect on services such as mowing and hedge trimming. I know some of the other major plantings fall under capital improvments and sale tax does not get charged on labor.

    Is there any from NYS on this Site?

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  3. thefarmer4

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    Thanks for the link
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    I'm from N.Y. and I collect N.Y. S. sales tax on mowing, shrub trimming, cleanups etc. Just add %7 to the bill and send it in every 3 months. My accountant told me this had to be done when I went in business.
  5. Greenkeepers

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    You better check on when your payments are due. I'm in Ohio and I have to submit every month. You don't want to get tagged on this one.
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    New York State sales tax is paid quarterly. Actually the state doesn't send the forms until about 2 weeks before the end of the quarter. Like anything else every state does things a little different. If you have a very small business that doesn't create a lot of revenue you can apply to pay sales tax only once a year.
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    Dittos to Greenkeepers-
    Uncle Sam here in Ohio says you gotta charge sales tax when providing a service for profit. Sales tax is due 23rd of each month in the Buckeye state, & $50 fine added on if it's late.
    Mike, have you got a call from state dept. yet? They were trying to get me on a 4 or 6 month sales tax cycle, since my revenue is less than larger biz's. I told them no way; keep me monthly. Sometimes money is tight & I have trouble coming up with an extra grand or 2 just laying around......

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    HOW MANY OF U HAVE CUSTOMERS WHO DONT THINK THEY NEED TO PAY SALES ? do u itemise the tax on the bill? i have a few customers who get their bill, ex. $100 + $6 sales tax=$106, and have the nerve to send me a check for $100. what do i do? lose the cust? report them to the state? what if i went to a resturaunt and the bill was $50 plus $3 tax=$53, and i only left a fifty?
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    If you don't want to lose the customer you have another option. You can take the sales tax out of the total bill. This will give you less profit. In other words on a $100 bill you would only make $94.33 and the rest would be sales tax. I guess it depends on how bad you want to keep the customer. I charge what I charge and add .o7% sales tax. Tell your customer that if your business gets audited their name could show up on your business filing. Good Luck

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