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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mowing king, Oct 25, 2002.

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    A sales team? lawns ,painting cleaning----Focus?

    I am not picking a fight,because i have done all that stuff too.

    What you really want is more money,a Higher income, Right?

    I think you could focus on making more money with what you already have. Go up on your prices and if you have to, go on more sales calls to get those higher prices. Adding more crews will add lots more problems.Just replace some current clients with people who pay more. I Know its sound simple, but it really,really works.

    With those 4 crews,you sell about 10,000 man hr a year. If you raise your price just $2 per hr, thats 20k and you didn't have to buy anything or employ more trucks and people. Go up $3 per hr and you made 30K.

    I think if you are a good sales person and your company has a good rep,that it should be no problem going up $2-3 per hr.

    A good landscape sales person sells between 400k and 1mil a year. A good paint salesman sells about the same. But you have to have the struture to do all thet work and that means lots of people and problems.

    I think you could take home 100k doing what your doing with the right pricing. Heck maybe more.

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