Sales - What Are Your Goals?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by David1970, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. David1970

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    It is so important to not only have goals but you must also have a plan to achieve those goals.

    I have a strict prospecting and sales schedule for myself that accounts for every week of the year 2012. I know exactly how many contacts I need to make and how many quotes I need to do from week to week in order to hit my sales goal by year end. If I fall behind one week, I know I need to step it up the following week.

    I broke down my schedule by different types of services and it adapts to the season as the year goes. I will make adjustments to the schedule as needed to ensure the goal stays realistic and obtainable. This ensures I do not abandon having a plan if the original plan becomes unattainable.

    Do you have sales goals?

    Do you have a plan to achieve them?

    Please share your thoughts.
  2. gardenkeeper88

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    Working on mine but not yet completed. This is my first year of getting of the crew so I will have time to do in season sales. But with the new additional work that I have from currant customers we should have about a 10-12% increase. so i'm goaling for a 25% +
  3. David1970

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    I am already a little behind and working through the weekend to ensure I end next week on schedule.
  4. djagusch

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    6th season and have grown 18 to 20% each year for the last 4 yrs.

    The goal is another 20% for the current buisness. I'm also in the process of buying a irrigation company that should add 35% more in sales.

    For a plan I have a routine but this year I have found I am spending more time organizing my notes from prevoius years. Meaning if I contacted a property in the past my notes got put in a pile or bid was on the computer. Now I'm breaking down properties in folders (even little things) and keeping them together by the city or possible route. This way I can save time each year by not searching for things.

    I'm also using an outlook calender to put in contract dates. If I call and they say they are under contract till April 2013 I put it in outlook so when it comes time I will know they are up without digging in files and possibly missing a chance to bid.
  5. djagusch

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    How is selling in the season work?

    Does it have returns then or more of a set up for when they need bids?

    Do you see building the relationship during these times more benificial than just having the price right?

    Is it quality control built into your current accounts?

    You can PM if you like or just post it up.

    Being a smaller company I still work in the field but has been getting less each year. I see the contact I have during the season with my customers helping build the relationship and worry with less in the field that could hurt renewals.

    If part of the sales schedule is on current accounts with quality control and face time I see that helping the transition.

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