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  1. JTS Landscaping lawn

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    has anyone ever tried a advertising or sales agencey to help get jobs or anything along these lines. was thinking of trying something like that seeing what they would beable to get me for jobs.

    also i talked to a guy he would put me online with yahoo, google, and couple others plus get put at the top of the list of all the other companies. he said im gaurenteed 6-10 jobs a month from it. its free to activate it but its 720 a month takes 5-10 weeks for them to get it going also i get a website and they will make a little commercial on you tube with my pics and all. what do you guess think of this idea to. thanks for your help.
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    A website is nice, i designed my companies website we have gotten some leads off it, cant really say 6-10. sounds like a good idea but only concern i would have is how your website is going to look, Plus the You tube video i cant see doing anything.. no one is going to go on you tube to find a lawn care service.. most of the target audience on you tube is college people and they useally dont have homes! Just my advice :) but make sure you get a good looking site and not just another template style cook cutter page. 700 a month sounds like a rip off because once you build a site you get get top results in google , yahoo etc overtime, they send out spider bots. Look into building your own website and advertising on yellow pages see how much that would cost.. i think 700 a month is a little crazy...
  3. JTS Landscaping lawn

    JTS Landscaping lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks yeh i wasnt to sure about it eather how do they know im going to get that many jobs each month what not. didnt like the idea of having to pay that much a month eather. i think i might pass on that idea and just look into building a website like you said.

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