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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by peacefulfalls, Jan 13, 2011.

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    I have a client who I built a 3/4 acre swim pond for 5 years ago, call and ask if he could make it a salt water pond just like the saltwater pools. Never had that question before. The whole pond is lined and filtered with bog filtration, even though the filter is way undersized its prety clear and the water is checked monthly by the city. I know the plants would die in the bog, im not sure if it would hurt the liner or how hard it would be on the pumps. Any thoughts or suggestions would help. If it is possible im sure there arnt to many especially this size. Ill post some pics of the swim pond.


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    is it going to be like a tear drop. saline and there is lots of gear that goes with this product you need a ionized cell to turn the salt in to low dose of chlorine. also the ph will go thought the roof and have to add small amounts of acid to nock it down.. plants will die and rock will have a white haze on them. ABC pools in lewiston maine 207 212 7999 or 207 783 0858. dan will be the best help in the work. they are the biggest saline pools in maine.
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    I am not a swimming pool contractor, but from what I understand, the salt in a salt swimming pool never reaches the water, but goes through a converter that breaks it into sodium and chlorine. I would imagine that the generating capacity needed for this size pond would make the cost prohibitive and certainly preclude the inclusion of any phyto-filtration.

    If, on the other hand, he is talking about adding enough salt (NACL) to the pond to achieve a healthy, low coliform water quality, again no plants and A LOT OF SALT. In addition, salt is highly corrosive and all pumps would need to be Titanium, which can be quite expensive.

    As Jonesy suggested, contacting a reputable and experienced swimming pool contractor is prolly your wisest move.

    Perhaps 1idjim will see this thread and comment. He has years of experience in swimming pools OR you could PM him.

    BTW, salt will not affect the liner, if it is EPDM. I am not sure what effects salt may or may not have on Polyethylene or Polypropylene liners. Same for Chlorine.
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    Don't post here much, but thought I could offer some insight. We do primarily pools. If he wants the pond to be sanitized by a saltwater system it's only feasible to go for pool level sanitation. A salt water system uses salt mixed in with the water in a range from 3000-4000 ppm, depending on the system. Do you have a idea of gallonage of the pond? Then a electrolytic cell and controller or multiple in your case, will convert the salt into chlorine gas that gets circulated into the water. It's a very safe, efficient and comfortable way to sanitize water. A standard cell and controller will work for up to 40k gallons. The process of conversion is base so you will most likely need to add acid on a weekly basis to properly balance the pH.

    Now if you have plant life life in the pond it will die if your sanitizing at levels to kill bacteria. To obtain ideal water quality and clarity "if desired", a means of mechanical filtration would be ideal in the form of multiple sand filters.

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