Salter..what makes sense??


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I just purchased a '90 ford 350 dump 4x4, manual. It has a 8.5 meyer but doesn't have a salter.

This truck will only plow a handful of commercial lots and I'll only spread about 1 ton per run. What kind of spreader make the most sense? Under the tailgate or a v?

I found a used under the tailgate buyers ($600), but I have a feeling that this type of spreader is better suited for roads and not small lots (30,000 sq. ft), I don't know though.

Does an under the tailgate spreader for a dump body work as well as a v box?

Also, if I'm missing anything in making my decision please let me know.



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I am partial to the V type. Ease of operation and the additional weight when plowing are my reasons. Fill it once and you can do a lot of sanding/salting.

Mark Oomkes

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The nice thing about under the tailgate is that you can still use the dump box for hauling anything else you might need to--you don't tie up your truck. They do work very nice because you can really spread under cars good. We have one and a V-type, they both have their place.


I've got three spreaders, an undertailgate on a 5 yd dump, a 1.4 yd vee box on a K2500 and a 10 cu. ft. poly hopper which is currently unemployed but will be riding the rear of an S-10 in the near future. If I could only have one, it would be the undertailgate on the dump truck. I'm not plowing with the 5 yd yet, but will have it plow equipped soon, which will save having to make two trips in some places. If I had a 1-ton sized dump truck that was plow equipped I would definately have an undertailg spreader on it. The central hydraulics to run the spreader are kinda pricey unless you use them to run everything else as well.


Am I understanding Alan's post correctly that the only way to power an under tailgate spreader is with hydraulics??? If so, what does it cost to install the hydraulics, ballpark figure?

I am gong to need a V or dump for salt next year, so I want to plan ahead, explore options.


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the last one i did was $4500.00 for hyd. a v box cost less i do like the under tailgate. shop around for price.