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  1. lawnboyil

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    ok i have skimmed the post for some thing that could tell me how to price a large plowing/salting job.Either didnt find it or didnt look long enought. but I have to salt a lot that is about 25000 sq ft. and i need some idea as to how or what to charge for priceing. we planing on getting a v-box or tall gate spereader. any help there to would be helpful.

    thank you

  2. Chip52

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    Tough call, Lawnboy!

    You need to know your costs! There really is no rule of thumb, other than knowing your costs. I currently use bagged salt (YUCK!), next year I will have a V-spreader myself. I have seen salt go at 10 cents a pound, but you have to "guesstimate" the amount used. In otherwords, $200/ton spread!
    Look at your costs of doing business first!
  3. lawnboyil

    lawnboyil LawnSite Member
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    we know the price on salt 3.40 per 80lb of +5 salt just figure sq ft of the salt and add the equipment in ?????? i know what your saying but how do you figure the cost of the equipment we know what the plow truck is going for but what would a spreader run to operate? that is it dont know?

  4. GREG R

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    I think what you are asking is "how to charge"
    We charge by the pound, in my area I have seen anything
    from .25 per pound with and service charge of $25
    to a flat rate of 45 cents per pound. I'm in central
    Ohio out of the northern snow belt that might make a differance on pricing, and you have to know your overhead
    like all of the above post have mentioned
    hope this helps

  5. SCL

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    Here is how I charge using my Western Tailgate spreader. I have one account that required salt to get the contract. Priced them out at $.30 a pound to cover salter cost. No minimum charge. If I use over 300 lbs. in a storm I knock them down to $.25. One longstanding customer uses 800+ per call but only when they call. They get the royal treatment at $.20 a pound. They also got 8 tons of ag lime for the last call. Out of the blue call ins are pretty much at that $.30 rate. Have paid for my salter twice over already. Salt costs me $3.25 a bag by the pallet loaded in my truck 10 minutes from home. this has proven to be lucrative and I think that $.25 to $.30 a lb. is about right.
  6. NorthwestPlower1

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    I'm a little closer to you than Chip52 is. There is way too much competition around here to charge $200.00 per ton spread. That is a sure way to lose the job. Going rates around here are between $105.00 to $165.00 per ton spread. The only way to go is to spread with a V-box using bulk material. I can spread and get paid with profit for what it costs Chip52 to fill and spread 1 ton of salt with his gate spreader using bagged salt. If you want some profit buy a V-box.
    Sincerely, Northwestplower1

    P.S. I charge 150.00 per ton spread. (on average) and that is how you word it on: contracts, proposals, and estimates. Email me for more info
  7. lawnboyil

    lawnboyil LawnSite Member
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    thank you i have a much better idea on how i should attempt to price it on the salting

  8. plowking35

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    That shows how regional snow and ice control is. We charge by the application, not by the ton. As you might guess our per rate applied is running between 4-500 a ton minimum. But that is how customers are acustomed to it around here.
  9. BRL

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    Dino's right, try to talk with other contractors in your area to get a better idea on your market. Definitely talk to Northwest if he's close to you. I'm using bagged material & I charge my customers $20.0050# bag. When you do the math it comes to $800.00 per ton. The one thing I did change this year was to give a complete application rate, which is a better deal for my customers. But that pricing comes to around $15.00bag. The other thing I do is use bulk whenever possible to increase my profit margin. My prices I have found to be a little higher than the average in my area, which means there are still plenty of contractors getting more than me here.
  10. CCLC

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    Here I charge 20 cents per pound and found that I am the middle guy. I know of a couple of guys charging 14-15 cents a pound and another charging 26 cents per pound. Salt here is $53 per ton or $3.40 per 80lb bag. Only when we use more than 1200 lbs per lot do we discount the rate to 16 cents per pound. Next year we will have a rate hike on most of our accounts. Probably 22 cents.

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