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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by ofishil, Mar 25, 2005.

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    i live on a saltwater canal with a steep hill in my backyard. I had an idea of making my backyard a waterfall and pull the water from the canal up to the top. my question is is this possible? I know you cant leave anything in saltwater long or barnacles and algea collect. But i am unsure if the water was constantly moving if this would happen... And also do they make pumps for this kind of application that wont destroy. Its either this or putting up a few retaining walls.... thanks.
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    I'm sure that the salt water would be very corrosive on most pumps however don't let this deter you from something as unique as this because there certainly are pumps that are designed for saltwater use. These saltwater pumps tend to be of titanium construction and are rather expensive.

    Also be sure to consider the effects of saltwater upon anything that it may splash upon, such as turf or other freshwater loving plants. Many plants wouldn't be able to withstand the salt. Nevertheless, you could have a very interesting, if not unusual, saltwater feature if accented by saltwater hardy plants.

    I'm not sure how much of an algae problem you would have... though I've read that saltwater algae is something that people with saltwater aquariums often have to face and deal with. Who knows, maybe the barnacles would just add a bit to the uniqueness of the whole thing.
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    Oh... just as a side note. You may remember that during the summer Olympics in Athens the whitewater kayaking course was a bit unusual in that it used saltwater that was pumped in from the Mediterranean Sea.

    Well, now that they're not using those pumps why don't you make them an offer?

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