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    I was doing a search for my company on the web. My company is greenworks and another company in area is called greenworks services. Way to close to my company's name. I have paid the secretary of state for past 10 years for the name, anyone else ran into this problem, or have any advice?
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    sorryt o hear that, i know not what to advise to you, but good luck as that sucks. either they are completly ******** and did not know of your busniess, or are really smart and are able to market this and many folks end up calling them instead of you.
  3. americanlawn

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    Hey buddy -- those names are way too similar. We too have our "trade name" registered, so nobody else can use it within our state. I would notify the state of Indiana and tell them what's going on. Cuz that ain't right. :hammerhead: Good luck. :usflag:
  4. nc-jrock

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    americanlawn how do you go about trade marking a company name?
  5. foreplease

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    I looked around Indiana Secretary of State web site hoping they had a search tool – and that it would show you as having registered your name while not finding the other guy at all. If he is completely illegitimate it should be fairly easy to get him to back down. I did not find what I was looking for but these things might interest or help you. It is a lot easier to do these searches for Michigan business names.

    Business Name
    Indiana Law requires that the name of a Corporation, L.L.C., L.P., and an L.L.P. must be distinguishable from the names of other businesses on the records of the Secretary of State's office.

    It looks like you might have a conflict with your own state, let alone another business. I found this while looking at for your name and the other business name:

    August 6, 2009
    Project Learning Tree (PLT), the environmental education program of the American Forest Foundation, announced today that it awarded GreenWorks! grants to two service-learning projects that bring together students and community partners.
    In Indiana, PLT is sponsored by the DNR Division of Forestry.
    "These grants support Indiana students committed to helping their communities and the environment," said Donna Rogler, Indiana PLT coordinator.
    There is more information and a contact person with phone and e-mail here.
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    Do they offer the same services?

    I would be ticked!

    First thing I would do is consult my attorney and see what he would advise.

    You may be able to then get with the state and if you had the name first...and I would honestly make the other company change their name.

    Dunno...that is a tough one!
  7. americanlawn

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    First thing we did was register our company name (trade name) with the state of Iowa -- that way nobody else could use or copy our name within our state. Soon after, we "incorporated" (nothing to do with trade names). Can't remember how much the fees were, but they were not that expensive. Annual fees as well, but not much.

    Back then, we hired an attorney, but today - you could probably do it yourself. Good luck, american. :usflag:

  8. Hanau

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    Think that's weird, check this out:

    What are the odds that there are 2 Bob Lathams on this planet and both of them are landscapers?

    Here's mine:

    Weird huh? This other Bob must be famous because I get mistaken for him at Trade Shows. Although I must say I'm the better looking Bob.
  9. grassman177

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    i gueess for someone like us it is not as important to register as our own name is our business name. very hard to repicate that one!!!
  10. DynaMow

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    first off he said he found the likenesses while doing a search for company name. If he searches a little further he would find that they are legal, named is registered, so probably not a whole lot he can do about it.


    10 years, looks like since 2004 to me?


    The other guy was in 2005, so you are still first. At that point though he probably never heard of you just a coincidence.

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