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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RwADesigner, Oct 12, 2002.

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    Hey guys!....

    I know you always get this question...but what has been the most effective TIME OF YEAR.....and SOURCE OF ADVERTISING for getting new customers in Lawn Maintenance.

    Phone book?
    So on....

    I know word of mouth is top notch....but how do you get new customers if you have the lawn maintenance area...:)

    And what is a reasonable amount of customers to expect to land in the first season. Or..what were some of your first year customer amounts?

    Thanks alot

  2. Starting from 0

    for residential -flyers
    cheap and you can do 5-600 a day so you should see some immediate return

    commercial-cold calling in person to collect info and chance of finding someone ready to make a change

    most effective time of year is spring-then early fall
    but good advertising works anytime of year

    how many customers & $ ? All depends on you
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    I started with fliers, and still do fliers for concentrating on certain neighborhoods that I want to work in.

    I've not yet put an ad in the yellow pages. Word of mouth and fliers has taken me where I want to go.

    I do have a pretty nice vinyl lettering sceme on my truck and trailer as well. That was almost $900.00 and in two years I've only got 1 call solely from the truck advertisement. It looks real good though and gives a professional appearence. I think it was worth it.


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