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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AMAC, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. AMAC

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    I am in need of the best software for my bussiness. I have researched several types of software, but I still have yet to find the right one. Advice is appreciated.
  2. pcnservices

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    Gopher Billing and Scheduling Software is what I use. This is the best investment I made in my business. Try their 30 day free trail Their after sales service is excellent.

    Good Luck
  3. Richard Martin

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    I searched and continue to search high and low for the perfect software for my business. It seems like everything that is out there is either too expensive, too complicated or just doesn't have what I need.

    I now use 3 small programs.

    <a ="">FF Billing Manager Pro</a> for the billing end. It's fast, easy to use and allows you to create as many companies as you could ever need. I create (internally within my company) a new "company" every year. Since I like to keep all of my customers in the database forever I found that the customer list was growing to an almost unmanageable size. Through the use of a new company every year I am able to keep that year's customer list small and relevant to that year. FF Billing Manager Pro can transfer products and customers to your new year from a previous year at the creation of the new company saving you from having to re-enter a lot of information. FF Billing Manager Pro also creates a slew of reports such as accounts receivable aging, monthly income, yearly income, etc...

    Quicken SE from 1993. I got this program when I bought my first computer back in 1993. This is the program that I track all of my expenditures on. It is small and fast with no fluff.

    Calender Creator 6.0 for scheduling. I choose this program because of it's flexibility in repeat events. It will allow you to set any repeat parameter that you choose for any event for as long as you want, years in advance if you desire. If you have one customer that gets cut ever 5 days through December and another that gets cut every 2 weeks though September, no problem. It will put them at the desired frequency in a month long calender layout. The only drawback with this program is you can only fit 7 customers on a single day in the month long calender.
  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi Amac,

    We welcome you to try our software. We hope we can be helpful! That's our goal!

    Pcnservices thanks for thinking of us!

    Richard Martin, if we don't offer the the options you need in your software now we do hope that we become your software choice in the future!

  5. Richard Martin

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    Team Gopher wrote:

    Richard Martin, if we don't offer the the options you need in your software now we do hope that we become your software choice in the future!

    It's not an issue of not having options but more a matter of having too many options.

    What I listed above is essentially all that I need. To have to pay 300 dollars for software when I wouldn't use 75% of the included feathures doesn't make sense. It's like using a steam roller to kill a slug. If you could make a truely basic software package without the bells and whistles like multiple routes and automatic billing you may be suprised at how many you sell.

    Sometimes less is more.
  6. EDP

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    i too am having this difficult task of finding the right software. i contacted clip to send me a demo and ask them for info. i'm trying to find the software that gives me just the essentials of templates: contracts, bids, proposals. just the bare bones. i handle my money just fine. can anyone point in a good direction with a software they have use and had success with. please help. sorry to hit you guys with a never ending reply
  7. kppurn

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    I currently use Quickbooks Pro 2002 and Qxpress Basic for scheduling and batch invoicing. These two work well for me and offer everything I need plus more.

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