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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by flying_a, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. flying_a

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    Ok first Lawn of the season and a new one at that. So Im finishing up and loading up my equipment. The lady of the house comes out and asked why I have not picked up the 15-20 rotting oranges and raked up an area with about 4 bags of leaves. She was like the guy that used to mow did it for 5 buck less, and he also turned the soil around the four trees in the front yard twice a month. This is a 1/4 acre for $45 per mow. When I told them that that was the price for just a mow, trim, and blow they looked at me like I was from another planet. Also told them that the other guy probably didnt come around once he figured out that all that work was not worth 40 bucks and said laters. Any ways I got paid and I dont expect a call back either. Oh well, I work a full time job and have 18 yards that I mow, I dont need crap like that. The next guy can have that one.
  2. Ooomwizard

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    I always want to ask the question; "If you owned a landscaping company, how much would you charge?" But I never get to ask.

    Mark in ATL
  3. Woody82986

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    Hahaha, that is the funniest thing I think I have ever seen anyone come up with in response to, "geez, thats a high price." I think I might actually tuck that one away to use one of these days.
  4. chuck bow

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    Yeh and when they come back with a answer like 25 dollars you tell them thats WHY THEY DONT own a landscaping/ mowing company because they have no clue about the cost of doing business . I for one maybe would have picked up the oranges and cleaned up the leaves IF it was a one time thing but not every week for that price
  5. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    I will say I think 45 a 1/4 is a tee high, I usually do them for 35-40 but I don't know what this lot looks like and I also know I don't pick up a slew of garbage for nothing less than 60 an hour over top and that's IF they got someplace in the back I can dump it.
    And for 45 you can't do all that, no matter how I look at it.

    Obviously they call asking for an estimate for a "lawn mowing" and I get out there and see that crap I already know if I even mention the rate to clean THAT up then I don't get the job... Now if it's not like that then quote them a total for all of it, but as a rule they should have mentioned this already, like on the phone. And it isn't always like that, but even if you don't know for sure whether it is or not, I can tell you the odds are in favor it is.

    It kills me to think they believe I would be so stupid as to not see it, or that somehow I'll just fall flat on my face and clean it all up at no extra charge, so I do like you did: Give them a quote for what they called asking for, then when they agree I do just that and nothing more.

    Stupid is as stupid does, I always say.

    No it ain't right but if this is the kind of crap, they call and expect me to do their spring cleanup for the regular price and think that since they solemnly 'Prawmised' they'd be with me the entire season that I'm dumb enough to do it, but I been through that little school enough times to guarantee that's just not happening.

    The way I tackle the rest of the bs is similar to yours, whenever they start talking about the last guy I always find myself saying "then what am I doing here?" as I turn around to leave. I've had one or two go "what do you meeean" and I say
    "Well, why isn't HE here instead of me?"
  6. Whitey4

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    I'm missing something here. When I pick up a new customer, I give them a quote for a spring cleanup. On some properties, it's peanuts. For others that have debris and left over leaves, it's in my quote. Around these parts, 45 for a 1/4 acre is pretty high... make that very high. I make my $ on ferts, apps, plantings, etc, but have to do the maintenance cheap to get the higher profit margin stuff. I guess every market is different. But, in this case, I definitely would have discussed these things with the customer up front, when I gave them my quote.
  7. barefeetny

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    I kind of agree... before i even engaged the blades i would have quoted a cleanup, or given a price to get rid of the leaves....

    for the price i would have probably got rid of the oranges....we have apples here....

    if they are/were paying 45 for a 1/4 acre.... they might not be cheap... you might not have been clear enough on just mow

    Should have given them a quote .... how else are you going to make money?

    Just my .02
  8. DBL

    DBL LawnSite Silver Member
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    theres always people out there that want stuff for free. however, if some lady ask for a one time thing of picking up a few apples personally i would do it but i tell my lawn crew that they are there to mow trim and blow and that is it
  9. Turf Commando

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    Sometimes, mowing a yard that looks bad to begin with, usually can look worse after it's mowed...
    I'm going to offer free debris cleaning ( bottles, cans, paper ) before I even start the mower. Leaves is another charge, we all know leaves are a pain..
  10. flying_a

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    When I quoted the price I also mentioned that it was for the mowing service only, and that any cleanup would be extra. I would have picked up the oranges but after the wife came out with the Im doing you a favor lawn boy attitude I knew what kind of an account this was going to be. When i started doing Lawn service no good deed went unpunished if you know what I mean

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