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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mikesturf, Jan 13, 2004.

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    Took my general standards and turf pesticide applicator tests yesterday and today (Illinois). I would say half of the questions were common sense and the other half you had to know your stuff. 70% correct is the passing grade. Here is one question that wasn't on the test, but maybe it should have been.

    If you accidently spill a LARGE quantitiy of Round Up or another non selective herbicide accidently all over your customer's lawn, what should you do?
    a. Alert the customer of the mistake and tell them that you will overseed the area at a later date-free of charge.
    b. Cover the area with a vermiculite absorbent to soak up as much of the herbicide as possible then flush the area with water.
    c. Go down the block and take one of your competitor's lawn flags, place it on YOUR customer's lawn. Leave a phone message with your customer stating that you chose not to do a lawn application because another company already did an application.
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    Well being that the roundup is a contact herbicide and kill what it gets on, I would do "A"

    Reason not "B" the ionic bonding of roundup to soil is very tight, 24000 verses 2 for diquat. Roundup dosnt leach and the vermiculite would not absorb any of it if it is soaked in the ground. If it is pooled on top yes absorb all you can.

    But "C" is a cool answer too.

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    Definantly A.
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    C is the answer

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