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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by precisionlawn, Jan 31, 2003.

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    I'm having alot of trouble throwing together a sales letter to gain more accounts. This will be my first year in this business, and i know some of you have been doing this a lifetime. Do any of you guys use sales letters? If you do can you show me them, just so i can get ideas of what and what not to put in mine. Even if you dont have one, can you give me ideas of what to put in there, and also what NOT to put in there. Thank you
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    Property Manager or Agent:

    Fantasy Lawns would like to be considered for any Lawn & Landscape Maintenance bids concerning Properties in your Portfolio. If you are accepting bids this Spring or in the Future, please contact us by phone, e-mail or fax, any questions or bid package for any property, after all estimates are competitive and free

    Our Local County Licenses is # 009730540, Federal Tax EIN # 59-3420701. We carry Liability Insurance for $1,000,000.00. Our friendly Staff is always available for any questions or request; our Uniformed Employees are Courteous, Well kept & Covered with Workman's Comp.

    We are able to provide Lawn & Landscape Maintenance from Single Unit Homes & Buildings, Condominiums, Apartments or Multiple Residential Housing Communities.

    We offer from Basic to Full Lawn & Landscape Maintenance, Flower Beds, Palm & Tree Trimming, Pest Control, Fertilization Programs, Irrigation Repairs as well as Landscape Installations.

    We have available Commercial Property References from a variety of Local Commercial & Premium Residential Customers.

    Please visit our site on the Web at for samples of our work as well as complete descriptions of our services.

    Office: 321-454-0906 Fax: 321-454-2288

    We send this out to all the PM's in the Yellow pages each Spring .... n have other's for Hotels-Resort- etc
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    1... Get Attention
    2... Show People an Advantage
    3... Prove It
    4... Persuade People To GRASP This Advantage
    5... Ask For Action

    These are your basic steps for formatting your letter...

    Timing is very important in marketing, but if you can write a great sales letter, they will hold onto it until the timing is right...

    Always highlight your "Unique Selling Proposition" and make sure you answer the most important customer question in advertising... "What's in it for me????"

    Good Luck, Clay

    PS... I helped Tom at "Everything Green" in Virginia write his sales letter and I think he is rather pleased... Ask him what he thinks at

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