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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KLC LAWN, Feb 13, 2013.


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    I have a Galaxy note 2 for the simple reason of being able to pull out the spen and jot a note and re insert and save. There is an app in the play store called simplest note from developer Inho Hwang. It gives me the ability to create a preset background on a writable page that I put name address phone and work desired. I also use speakerphonex that automatically puts the phone to speaker when you take phone away from your head. When a new customer calls I pull out the spen and it pops up full page to take their info I write as they give it to me over speakerphone... put the pen back in and it saves and closes the note which can be titled and searched later. Then put phone back to my head and it turns speakerphone off. I like the fields on the background because it makes sure I get all the customer info that I need without forgetting something. Very simple seemless and effective. . Always with me.
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  2. onlythebest

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    That is pure awesomeness when my blackberry bites the dust this will be my next phone
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    I also have the Note 2. It is awesome. Will have to check out that app. The large size and s pen being able to draw on pictures gives the client a quick idea on there landscape. Dual screen will be better once they have more apps setup for it. Can't wait to put it through its paces soon. Weather is nice here so hopefully a early spring.
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    KLC - To be able to do what you stated is why I bought the Note2 (along with the large screen)downloaded the simplest note app and speakerphoneex apps.
    I cannot find the menu button on the simplest note.All I see is to click "new note" and when that pops open only the " T, Write, other boxes are available" A little help is appreciated
  5. bamaone

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    scratch that- got it.
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. White Gardens

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    I went with an ASUS transformer tablet. I can easily run my design program on it as soon as the APP comes out, and hopefully soon.

  7. Greg78

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    What other apps are you guys finding useful?
  8. ch4x0r

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    I find zillow app also And measure app great help for a quick square foot measurement tool.
  9. Greg78

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    I already use Zillow. Some others I'm using:
    Bank of America.
    Chrome Browser.
    Google Play Music.
    Google Maps.
    My Verizon.
    Weatherbug Elite.

    I also have some games to play when I get idle time, waiting for appointments etc.

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