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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by LawnMowerMan2003, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. LawnMowerMan2003

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    Anybody in SA doing well this year? It's been a difficult year for me, having to start over. In the past I have been able to find 30 customers in one season, but this year I'm still only at 10, with no commercials yet.

    I'd like to know what the average prices are for San Antonio. I have mowed lawns in the following neighborhoods:

    Stone Oak
    Encino Park
    Emerald Forest
    Green Spring Valley
    Redland Ranch
    Long's Creek
    Spring Creek

    Maybe that will help if you guys mow lawns in the same neighborhoods. I don't think I'm charging enough, and I'd like to raise prices, but I still need to be competitive.
  2. A.V.

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    hey lawnmowerman, i just started part time this past summer and was charging 40. all my costomers seemed ok with it. I think the going rate is 35. thogh. Im just going into this buisness full time this year. what kind of equipment do you have?
  3. LawnMowerMan2003

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    Well, it's nice to finally hear from somebody else here. I was thinking the average should be around $35, but I had some people with small yards that even complained about $30. Maybe I just ran into some price shoppers.

    Anyway, I didn't do too well last year, so I wasn't able to buy much equipment except for a couple of used 21" mowers. I didn't spend very much, but I'm not all that impressed with either one. Right now I'm using the John Deere 14ST, a Home Depot curved shaft Echo trimmer with a rapid loader, and a basic Echo handheld blower.

    It's probably just enough equipment to service a few small accounts, which is all I have at the moment. I was thinking about running an ad in the paper this spring, to try something new with advertising.
  4. DALMlawn&landscaping

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    Good to see some more San Antonionians (?) the going rate for me is 30-40, and some little yards around the northside, 25. If people ***** about the price then you try to throw in a little bonus like, well when these leaves fall i'll rake and mow for 30. The point is that its cold when the leaves fall and the grass in san antone doesn't grow while the leaves are falling so all you're really doing is raking for 30 bucks and pass over the grass to chop up anything you might have missed. Scamming? no. Genius? maybe. Smart buisness man? yes. lawnmower man i'm alittle more west than you, like between 1604 and huebner and 1604 and I-10, business was good for me, but i started late this year, just moved back from College Station. This year feels like the one that is going to be good. I gotta get out there and start advertising. I hate that part.

    good luck
  5. FarrisFrog

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    Need Insurance in TX? Call 1-800-842-6572 ext 2581
  6. LawnMowerMan2003

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    Looks like this year is off to a good start with the rain we've been getting lately. Unfortunately I haven't been advertising much yet.

    Anyone need some help? I have worked for other LCOs in the SA area (espcecially the areas north of 410 and east of Blanco Road) when they get busy. This way you can still keep your customers happy and even get a commision out of it, normally. I am also willing to work with you or your crew if you are short for the day, for $10 an hour (if you have at least 5 hours work). With my experience I should easily be worth that price.

    I would also like to hear from those of you who have found good marketing methods in SA. I'm considering the paper, for example, but have yet to actually here if it works well for LCOs here.

    Also, if you're just starting here I'll be glad to give you some advice as well.

    I'm looking forward to a good year here in SA.
  7. Retiring at 57

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    Hey, Lawn mowin' dude..:cool: l'm getting ready to retire from my government job next year, and am looking forward to starting a part-time lawn business back in San Antonio. When they closed Kelly AFB, l transferred to Tinker here in Oklahoma City. Really do miss good ol' SA. l'm interested in covering the area around UTSA, Huebner and lH10, maybe out north Bandera road towards Helotes. ls the going rate per average lawn around $40, like they are posting here? Are there many commercial contracts available, or have they already been taken? These questions aren't that specific, l guess, but l'm just trying to gage the business climate down there for a new lawn service. Would you say it's highly competitive or more "wide open?"l,m thinking of starting out with my truck, a trailer, and a couple of good quality mowers, trimmers, and a blower. Kind of want to test the water a little, so to speak. l'd like to find a few dependable customers rather than a lot, and mow their lawns on a regular, weekly basis. lf l could make $1,000 a month to supplement my retirement income, l'd be happy. l'd really be obliged to you SA guys for any info you can give me regarding insurance costs, liscensing,local regs, etc.. Have a great day!
  8. LAWNSTAR1306

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    My market area is West/Northwest from Kelly Area To Seaworld and Helotes. I've found that most will tolerate a $35.00 charge for 30-45 mins work. My annual contracts get a $5.00 discount per cut with a signed contract. I recently received my TX irrigators license so I am adding installs/repairs. can anybody help/mentor with the business side of irrigation?
  9. Retiring at 57

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    Thanks for the info, LAWNSTAR..Sorry l can't help you with your question, but l have another one for you, regarding contracts. Are your contracts all on an annual basis, or are some month-by-month? l have no experience whatsoever drawing up contracts. The last time l mowed any lawns, it was all by verbal agreement. l'd really appreciate any feedback you or any others on the forum can provide regarding how to draw up and negotiate contracts, etc. l like the idea of being out there doing the work, but the business end of it leaves me a little baffled. Especially when it comes to working in San Antonio, where l know from past experience there are a lot of "fly by nighters" who will do lawns for practically nothing. Any ideas on how to compete with these guys?
  10. LAWNSTAR1306

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    Contracts are as simple or as hard as you make them.
    Mine are simple "agreements" between my company and the customer and their adress, what I will do, and the frequency and the monthly cost. And I ALWAYS include a thirty (30) day out clause that means that if I fire them for whatever reason I have to give 30 days and vice versa and the agreement continues as long as both parties are satisfied. any extra jobs will be on a cost plus basis. when they sign, everything is understood. hope this helps.

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