sand volley ball court

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    any one have any experience in building one in a yard? i would assume some sort of liner may be recommended and how deep is ideal?
  2. paul

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    I've built alot of them, all in parks we use some form of edging, timbers, wall units, concrete. Most are dug 12" deep lined with fabric and drainage added. we use masons sand in them, make sure it's clean sand. Nothing like some clay getting mixed in and people call you saying you've stained their clothes
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    I built one at our dorms when I was stationed in Guam last year and it came out great.

    We dug out about 12" and used weed control fabric on the bottom. We bought a poly-plastic - something or other edging. I don't recall the name but it looked like 2x12's but they were solid plastic like material. They were in 3 foot sections or so and they linked together with stakes.

    I think that besides what Paul said about the clean sand and the weed barrior, the most important thing is to put up a good edge so the lawn doesn't get jealous and take over the court.

    Good Luck!

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