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  1. Sunstate Lawn

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    Does anyone ever sandblast their stuff to repaint it? My 14' open is in need of a sandblasting and paint job. I have a sandblaster, but I've heard some horror stories. Any advice please?
  2. flairland

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    I sandblasted my trailer earlier this year and it turned out great. I say if you have the time and equipment to do it, then why not. I have a thread posted on the site here somewhere with a couple progress pics.. Search "bought used dump trailer"
  3. #1Pappy

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    Only issue with sandblasting is keeping the media out of the wheel bearings,or spring bushings. Having said that, DO NOT blast the media directly into the wheel hub or spring shackle areas and you'll be fine. Just be sure to blow the media away from those areas after you're done blasting. Oh and be sure to prime before you paint.... it makes the paint stick! Good luck

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