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  1. jman00

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    do you guys put chems. on sandspurs, or just leave them.
  2. Hank the Cow

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    I leave them on the beach.
  3. jman00

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    sorry, let me explain what we callsand spurs down here. Those little sticker balls that stick to your shoes and socks. When they get real dry they can even stick through your mower tires, i have had this happen. removing them from playgrounds and yards with children is very improtant to me. until now you either dig them up which could take hours or vaccume them up but that doesnt ever get them all. this may moslty be a southern problem so you guys down here is who i want to hear from.
  4. longslawn

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    Sandspurs can be controled with a pre-emergent herbicide. We use Balan but there may be others.
  5. Ric

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    read my post in "roundup ready turf"
  6. hertelbr

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    I have been looking for a new spray rig, sounds like your huffy might be just the ticket. I didn't see your post on my thread a while back, are you keeping this a secret? How does that fert. machine transport on the Pinto, is there a mounting bracket or do you just strap it to the hood? Now that I think about it I have seen it, nope my mistake that was Lawrence Stones contraption. That '75 Pinto does she have a 4-banger or 6, any room for a hopped up 289. I'll bet you could squeeze in a couple extra lawns in a day with all that horsepower!

  7. Ric

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    See commision pay for employees in ele of bus Forum. I really am looking for a 10 speed mountain bike petaling all that distances is really hard. but I did manage to get a 4 gal backpack so I can get 4 times the production. Us dumbies living here under the bridge just can't afford uniforms.

    When I changed my profile I didn't realize it would go on every post I ever made. I hope no one gets thin skinned about it.

    Thanks for the come back

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