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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by LB1234, Mar 16, 2006.

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    I need a check for my own sanity.

    We have a job requiring the removal of an existing 2' high retaining wall about 35 lineal feet long. A new retaining wall needs to be put in that is 75lf in length. Half of that length will be 4 blocks + cap in height while the other half will be 2 blocks in height + cap. This new retaining wall will be ~6' in front of the new wall so fill dirt will need to be placed in behind the new wall (only along ~17' of the existing wall). There will be a total of 4 45 degree turns. This will butt up against a foundation. Oh ya, total square footage of wall surface is about 140 square feet, which is roughly how many blocks will be installed.

    My materiasl cost for the 3/4 modified, 3/4 clean , and 3/8" red stone for 'inside' the retaining wall (~600sf), block, pins, caps, landscape fabric comes out to a little over 2k. I have to rent a mini-ex for the wall demolition and digging for the new footer. I will have my mini-skid (soon to be purchased) in place for the entire install for transporting all the stone and block from the driveway which is about 50' from the start of the wall. I'll also have my plate compactor (again, soon to be purchased) there for all the compaction of fill, base, and drainage stone. I'm figuring a machine fee of 1.2k

    I'm figuring 4 solid 9hr days for three guys. One day on mini-ex to rip out wall, dig for new footing, install base footing. I figured second day we'd start laying the block and bringing in the fill. I estimate to get two courses on the lower half completed and part of the third course. Day three would be laying the bottom course on the upper wall (continuation of 3rd course on lower wall) and finishing block late that afternoon. Day four would be capping, cleanup, and repairing the turf we damaged.

    Does this sound ridiculous or way off the mark. I know a lot depends on experience...which I have limited in hardscaping. However, I have already install two of these walls utilizing this product...the one was only 3 courses + cap and about 40 lineal feet with two 90 degree smooth turns. Took me and my partner about 2 days...haven't finished yet...still have to cut and glue caps...

    My estimate was going to be for 7.8k. What does everyone/anyone think? Thats ~$55/sf of wall. Not sure if anyone prices this way, I know thats how some price the wooden retaining walls.
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    I'm not quite following you on this one, you say the wall will be 75 ft long with half being 4 block tall (I'm assuming thats about 4' since you say that your being using the same amount of block as sq ft) and the other half being 2 blocks, My math says your going to be at 225 sq ft of wall.

    At your price, thats $38 a sq ft.

    Also, are you including the buried course in that?
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    Thx for the response and sorry for the confusion. The block is 18"L x 8" high (1sq.ft. of wall face). The wall is going to be 4 block high or 32" of which I will be burying about 6" of the block. The cap is 4" tall, giving me a total wall height of about 36" or about 30" exposed wall/cap. That will be approximately 35 lineal feet in length. The wall will continue for another ~35lf at only two block high + cap. If my calculations are correct...I'm at 95 sq.ft. of block for the 'tall' side and 47 sq.ft. for the 'short' side giving me a total block face (don't know what its called, sorry) of approximately 140 or so sq.ft.

    But yes, I didn't include the cap dimension:hammerhead: If I include that I'm at 165 sq.ft., At 7.8k and 165 sq.ft. I'm coming up with $47 per sq.ft.

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