Sapphire St. Augustine

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Keith, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Keith

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    Has anyone used Sapphire? None of the farms or brokers that I have called know much about it, and none have had it available. Even if they are listed as a grower. It seems almost as elusive as Captiva. The marketing material states that it is one of the most aggressive St. Augustine strains out there, and supposed to do great in the shade.

    Post up if you have used it, or even if you know where to get it.
  2. zturncutter

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    Here's a link, I have never installed it.

    Bethels sod is always great quality!
  3. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
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    I just sent them an email. They do sell in stores around here, but I have never seen the Sapphire. I'd hate to do it, but I would (gasp) pay retail for a small amount of it to try in a couple different places. Just to make sure it is not as disappointing as the Palmetto was.
  4. Ric

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    Bethel Farms is one of the largest sod producers around the south. They supply all of the Wally Worlds and Home Cheapo's from Florida to Texas with multiply farms around the South. There original farm and still main office is here in the same county Z turn and myself live.

    As for special orders you might be S.O.L. Bethel always has had great quality and are VERY PROUD of their sod. While they sell at competitive prices in the field, Delivery takes on a whole different price structure.
  5. Plantculture

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    A. Duda & Sons (multiple locations)
    Barron Collier / Silver Strand, Immokalee
    Bethel Farms, Arcadia & Ft. Pierce
    Chipola Turf Farm, Kinard
    Circle C Farms, Webster
    Council Growers, Ruskin
    H & H Sod Company, Kenansville
    JW Sod, Wellington
    King Ranch, Belle Glade
    Manley, Inc., Gadsden County
    Master-Turf Farms, Ruskin
    RB Farms, LLC, Lake Placid
    SMR Farms, Bradenton
    Star Farms, Belle Glade
  6. tallrick

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    All I know is I pass a lot of sod farms on the way to my tree farm near Clewiston have seen a sign with the names sapphire and floratam on them. The location was south of south Bay.
  7. rob7233

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