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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by lsylvain, Mar 18, 2003.

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    I am planning on moving around Sarasota within the next few years. Is there any more room down there for another LCO?

    I have looked into buying several different companies down there, but all of them had an avereage cut price of $15 or so. (that might have been why they were selling out) But I wasn't sure if that was what the going rate is down there.

    My other question is, can a company just do lawns and stay away from the landscaping stuff down there, and still make good money. I usually spend 2 weeks a year down there and it seems like every thing is more landscaping than mowing.
    I would not feel comfortable with the landscaping down there until I have had a chance to get a feel for it. It is completely different from here.

    what about cost of living? All my relatives down there are loaded so I don't really get a chance to see how the other half lives. lol

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Sarasota County and the town of Sarasota Has the Highest income per household in the state of Florida. Yes other places have richer people but also have poor people to off set the average. Sarasota is an upscale town and offers many things that other area don't. Yes every town has scrubs but $15.00 cut are not the rule in Sarasota. Historical. Upper management retired to Sarasota and middle management retired to Venice Fla. (south Sarasota county) and Labor retired to Poor Charlotte, Fla. or St Petersburg Fla.

    Sarasota Tech School has a good Horticulture program and upscale people demand upscale work. Therefore there are many upscale Landscape maintenance companies well established in the Sarasota Area. In my opinion you can not bring Northern Knowledge to Southern areas and expect to compete. However you can come and pay your dues first by working for an upscale company (at least two years maybe more) and then start your own Business. However be prepared for Florida wages they are low. Sarasota has a high cost of living
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    If you do come here stop by the Lesco, we drive thru atleast 5 counties to give them our bussiness.
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    Start reading. Read everything you can find about our plants and what they need. Go to

    and have at it.

    As far as working for someone, maybe for six months but why do scrub work when you want to be the big cheese. Jump in be careful and make your mistakes. Everyone else has. Be careful buying a business. Be very careful. Believe it or not there are several plants down here that you may have and I have seen in TN and VA. One other thing you can make a very good living just cutting and doing the shrubs but you have to hustle. You may want to do some landscaping later. I just do replacements on my own accounts cause honestly I don't like digging holes, hahaha. I love pruning shrubs and take as much extra work as I can find. Usually the nastier they are the better as it means more money.

    As far as the wealthiest in Sarasota wow. I know there is some big money in Palm Beach... Kennedy's, Rush Limbaugh, and a slew of blue bloods from all the fortune 500 companies. Not to mention FT. Lauderdale. The ships they have with full crews in their back yards!! Wow. :rolleyes:

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