Sarasota, FL mower theft ring

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Frontier-Lawn, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Frontier-Lawn

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    i got this letter from a local competitor today about a mower theft ring, please read if you work in Sarasota county. and watch your stuff!!!!!!!!!

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  2. traman

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  3. billslawn89

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    i just shined up my 357..
  4. lifetree

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    Wow, it's provides a good reason why you shouldn't register !!
  5. Sammy

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    They got one going in western Kentucky also.
  6. trooper8870

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    They have them everywhere. In one night in my home town they got a friends trimmers and blowers. Oh and they walked right past his patrol car to get them. Went to his neighbors and stole his trailer with his 1 year old JD 757 on it. In a neighboring town they stole 2 Dixiechoppers from a dealer and then drove to an Exmark dealer down the street and got 2 new and 1 used Exmark mowers.That might explain why some of these folks mow 3/4 acre lawns for 30 bucks. They have no overhead!!!
  7. KensLawnCare

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    my friend got his new blower stolen gone but he thinks it was the trash man ive been lucky so far making sure i lock up even if its going in the gas station for 5 minutes is all it takes
  8. badbart

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    It's happening here too. They got a guy's truck and trailer with a JD Zero Turn while he was in a restaurant here. Even took his dog that was in the cab! They found his truck and his dog a few miles away, I don't think they ever got his equipment back though. I guess he needs a meaner dog....
  9. trooper8870

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    It wasn't recently but our local JD dealer had a truck and trailer loaded with zt mowers stolen. They ended up finding the truck and trailer but not the mowers. Its a shame that you can't anything anymore or trust anyone for the fear of having what you worked for taken away from you
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