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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Apr 16, 2007.

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    "victor" - so called 'senior member' on this site because he has hit the needed number of posts to qualify as a "senior member". Yes - that's all it takes here - just posting alot. Sean told me this. Too bad. Quantity is better than quality here.

    I forwarded A COPY OF vic's his latest complaint to Iowa State University. They laughed. I did too.

    Vic said "it might be hard to believe" (my company).
    This was in regard to the latest update from my local "land grant University" that I posted. (Iowa State University).

    I'm in my 50's now. I started with the original ChemLawn. I am a graduate horticulturist. 3000 customers. 30 years in the industry. The boys up at Iowa State have respected me for decades. Many are customers.

    I am not trying to brag whatsoever. I am just trying to stick up newbies who want help/recommendations. I was young once.

    It just makes me mad when I see sarcastic remarks by "so-called Senior Members" that are totally irrelevant.

    Has anyone else been offended by these guys??
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    I can't follow your line of reasoning here. What did Victor say that you all laughed at?

    And if by "these guys" you mean mindless, haphazrd business owners who would rather ask how much they should charge for their service than to actually figure out their own costs and add a profit percentage, then yes, I have been offended by them. Too many times to count.
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    so you should have learned by now to let it go, your crying about it seems pretty petty when you look around and see kids getting killed at a university, friends dying of cancer and other things and your offended by what some yahoo types on a computer screen , now thats sad.
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    C'mon, dude. Now you're being ridiculous and moross with your sad observation. I'm just saying there should be something in place to handle repeat stupid questions. You have to go making allusions to an enormous tragedy at Va. Tech like it has anything to do with our lawn forum. Life is precious, I get that.
  5. Victor

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    What's so funny about me saying that It might be hard for you to believe that a lot of the members of this forum already knew about "Certainty" herbicide? That is after all what I was saying.

    I find it hilarious that you're always bringing attention to how much you supposedly know about this industry Americanlawn. If you have such a vast knowledge, then why don't you take a more active part in helping these new guys who you claim to be defending? I'm not proud of the way new members who ask questions that have been discussed a thousand times are treated. I'm sure most of them just don't know about the search feature. They're new. It's not their fault.

    Over the years, I've witnessed "Senior Members" help so many new applicators out, that it boggles the mind Americanlawn. Say what you want. They DO help new members. Some of them just get tired of seeing the same questions asked over and over again. That's why they snap. I'm not saying it's good that some of them snap at new members. I'm just explaining why both sides do what they do.

    Take a member like Runner for example. He has such an inordinately high post-count, because the guy is always answering questions for other members. Over the years that I've been a member of this forum, I can't tell you how many times I've seen him (and other Senior Members like him) help other members out. Maybe if you'd stop bellyaching about how you want to be a Senior Member and started taking a more active part in sharing the knowledge you claim to have, you'd soon have enough posts to gain a "Senior Member" status. Strange concept huh? Oops! I'm being sarcastic again. :)

    I'm sure with your propensity to distort facts, you won't admit it, but I have helped, and still do help, many more members than you. To list some recent examples, I got a PM from a member last night, who had several questions about how to structure an application business. I answered all of his questions like I always do when I get PM's like that. To cite yet another recent example... In the thread titled "Just Getting started in Fertilization," a new member (henry2617) was asking for tips on how to price his applications. Even though this topic is discussed on here all the time, I tried to PM him with some helpful information, because I figured he didn't know about the search feature. Unfortunately, his PM's were turned off , so I couldn't help him (and they were still turned off last time I checked). It's funny that I never saw you attempt to help Henry. In fact, it's a very rare occurrence that I see you help anyone.

    While I do answer questions in this forum, it's on a more reserved basis than a lot of the other members, because many of the members here (notice I didn't say "Senior Members"), know a lot more than I do about this industry. That's why I elect to stand back and let them field most of the questions. The fact still remains though, that I DO answer questions in this forum. I DO help other members out. I DON'T like the idea of helping an unlicensed applicator break the law though. I also DON'T like answering questions that these unlicensed applicators would have found the answers to, had they become licensed in the first place. What about my reluctance to aid someone in breaking the law do you have a problem with?

    Like I've said before. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being new to this industry. There's also nothing wrong with having questions that a seasoned vet would know in their sleep. You've never seen me say anything to the contrary. I've never claimed that being a Senior Member on Lawnsite meant a thing regarding your knowledge of this industry either. I'm sure there are lots of members here, who don't hold a "Senior Member" status that are extremely knowledgeable. I've never seen anyone besides YOU claim that having a "Senior Member" status had any bearing on an applicator's knowledge. That's a demon YOU created Americanlawn.

    Here's what all of this boils down to Americanlawn. If you're such an omnibus when it comes to this industry, then why don't I see YOU helping out more members? It seems like most of your posts consist of yet another sophomoric, boastful comment about your alleged knowledge of this industry. It seems like it's either that, or you're taking yet another shot at "Senior Members."

    I was sarcastic with you, because I'm tired of seeing you attack a very valuable resource to this forum. I'm defending them, because I don't want to see them leave this forum, the way many like them have before. A lot of the very knowledgeable members like them, who used to frequent this message board, left because of the type of B.S. you like to sling in their direction.

    In closing... I'll say it again. If you know half as much as you claim you do, then why don't you take a more active part in sharing your wealth of knowledge? There are a lot of applicators here who would love to draw from it. If you're so concerned about new members getting help, then start practicing what you preach.
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    Its not just the Senior members that make sarcastic remarks, manys the time i have seen newbees ask a question then turn on the people that offer advice, its seems a lot of the question askers think they know the answer before they even post the question.
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    Let me start by saying that I did not read all of Victor's post in this thread. It seemed that he had entered a pissing contest, and it wasn't worth my time.

    2nd, neither one of you are 100% right, as with almost any argument.

    Americanlawn--I completely agree with you in some aspects. I feel that there is absolutely no need for some members' sarcasm and there need to talk down to other members. My experience was nothing but bad when i started reading this forum just over a year ago. It was my first year in business, and agronomically I could hold my own with anyone in the world. But, business sense wise, until you do it, sometimes you just don't know where to start. People treated me like a freaking moron.

    Victor--I don't know how you can argue that some of the things you say could be taken as offensive or sarcastic. However, on some things you do have a point. I just don't know why you have to make them in the way that you do. And, you are just one of many that have the same problem.

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    i dont really care what do i win???
  9. Victor

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    No where in my post did I claim that at least some of my past posts couldn't have been considered sarcastic, or offensive Turfdoctor. The only time I have written anything that in my opinion, could be construed as being sarcastic, or offensive, is when I refused to give members who were clearly unlicensed, information so they could circumvent the laws that the rest of us play by. If I offended people that were trying to break the law, because they're too lazy to do this the right way, then so be it. If you can't understand why I, or other members would have a problem with that, then that says a lot about Turfdoctor as well.

    You're not in possession of all the facts. If you aren't going to read the whole post, then what makes your evaluation of it worth a hill of beans? Had you read the whole post, you would have seen that I not only defended the Senior Members, but I also defended the new members as well.

    In my post, I brought to light the fact that if Americanlawn was so concerned about the new members getting help, then why doesn't he take an active part in helping them the way a lot of members (me included) have?
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    i'll admit i dont come to this message board for help nor do i come here to offer help

    i just like the 'debates' on who's dog is bigger
    woof woof

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