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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nosparkplugs, Apr 9, 2008.

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    For a normal person such as yourself, and the majority of the people on this site, the 89-93 1st Gen's make great trucks and are as reliable as any other Dodge/Cummins. There strictly business though, not many creature comfort to them, there loud, they ride like a brick, but they get good fuel mileage, there built like tank's, and they're easy for anyone with mechanical skill's to work on.

    I wouldn't trade mine for anything, it's a classic as far as I'm concerned. They make excellent DD's or work truck's, but the toughest thing can be finding one to suit your need's. There out there though, just keep looking.
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    It's always funny seeing Ford and Chevy lovers claiming the Cummins is no big deal, it won't last over 150,000 miles, all that junk. I like my Cummins. Is it better than a Duramax and Powerstroke? Haven't owned either one of those, so it's not really my place to say. But from comparing specs, and things like the picture below, I think the Cummins is designed very well. That's not to say the Duramax and Powerstroke are bad. I'd drive either one of them if I found a good deal.

    My grandfather's Cummins is a 1995 12v with over 300,000 miles, nothing done to it. Whenever somebody asks him if he likes his truck, he tells them to ask him later in a couple of years. He tells them if it makes it to 500,000, he'll like it pretty good. Oh, it gets 22-23mpg all the time too.

    For what it's worth, there was a guy that called in to a truckers' radio program and said he had a 2006 Cummins and 2006 Powerstroke, both purchased new with similar specs. He said the Cummins would out-tow the Powerstroke and get better mileage doing it.

    Sorry the picture is so small, but from left to right is Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins connecting rods. Found the picture on

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    Still TO DATE the biggest slap in the Ford diehards face is the Cummins ISB in their beloved F-650, as a premium engine upgradeThumbs Up Thats been fact for years
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    The C7 Cat is the upgraded engine the Cummins is the cheap option.

    Not many people buy F-650 or F-750 trucks they are not that good.
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    I believe this is a "Lawn Care / Landscaping" forum, NOT OIL FIELD and MINING OPERATION forum. NObody gives a ferrets rump about how they handle down in a mine !! :confused: :dizzy:
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    So I guess Dodge is only meant for light duty use never leave the pavement and never put through its paces. Use the truck for hard work and it falls apart :laugh:

    Oh well keep your Dodge if your scared its not going to stand up to some real work.

    Won't catch me buying a Dodge you can't call them a serious work truck seen what happens to them when you work them hard.
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    I do hope you know nosparkplugs only in the USA is a F-650 even ordered nobody in B.C or Western Canada orders a medium duty with a 5.9 or 6.7 Cummins because they don't have enough power. Also most medium duty trucks ordered don't have a gvw less than 33,000lbs. A medium duty with a 26,000lb gvw is as usless as a bra for a man.

    The F-650 is a waste of money why buy a truck that can't haul 6-7 ton.

    For one the US gov't doesn't think its citizens are smart enough to drive a medium duty without a CDL. Most companys spec their trucks with underpowered engines because drivers can't drive a truck with real power.

    Have you seen what a 5.9 Cummins in a medium duty does on 10% grades let me tell you its frighting to almost deadly. The big problem you run out of gears first gear isn't low enough you crawl up a 10% grade at walking speed. If you try climb a hill in too high of a gear and you have to stop on a hill your done you can't restart because the engine doesn't have and power to get going again.

    Now decending the hills is even more scary because the engine is so small it just free wheels. The momentum of the truck will push the engine to over rev. So your going down the hill with your trucks brakes. Have you seen brakes hot enough they catch fire and catch the truck on fire. A exhaust brake is about as good as sticking your hand out the window. You decend the hill in 2nd gear and let the engine peg out to 2500-3000 grand. The motor sounds like its going to throw a rod.

    Only someone as that walked out of a mental institution would order a 6.7 in a medium duty or like watching you life flash infront of your eyes.

    I think you better get some experience driving a real truck before you comment NSP :laugh:
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    He guys, guess what? I just got a big C tatooed on my chest!!!!!!!!! Now, I can just rub my chest all night and give the palm sisters a break:laugh::laugh:Hey Gravel Mouse, what about all of the inline 6 cylinders(gas engine) in the older trucks? People swore by them over V8's for years and still do.:hammerhead::hammerhead:
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    I had a 300-6 the truck was okay but a gutless pig it was good on fuel and thats about all I can say.

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