Satisfied Ford 5.4L Triton owners post here

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by genesis215, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. genesis215

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    I would like to hear from others who own a truck or van with this engine, especially who have it in a 1/2 ton. How well you like it, towing power, fuel mileage, and who what's the highest miles anybody has got on one. I just got one in a van, 135,000 miles, and it has very good power (better than the 351 I used to have, and much faster accelerating than the 7.3 diesel), and is nice and quiet. If you own one, or know somebody that owns one, tell me what you think. Thanks.

    1997 Ford E150 Tuscany Conversion Van - 5.4L Triton V8 (235HP)
    2008 5'x13' Open Trailer w. Jack & 3' Gate
    52" Exmark Turf Tracer HP - 17HP Kawasaki KAI
    FOR SALE ($1150): 48" Great Dane Scamper HG - 15HP Kawasaki KAI
    21" Troy-Bilt 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Mower - 5.5HP Honda
    21" Troy-Bilt 3-in-1 Push Mower - 5.5HP Honda
    21" Yard Machines 2-in-1 Push Mower - 4.5HP Briggs & Stratton Sprint
    22" Craftsman Hi-Wheel Trimmer - 6.5HP Tecumseh
    22" Murray Hi-Wheel Trimmer - 6.0HP Briggs & Stratton Quantum
    Husqvarna 600CRT Rear-Tine Tiller - 6.0HP Briggs & Stratton Intek
    RedMax TR2300S String Trimmer
    Shindaiwa LE260 Edger
    STIHL BR 600 Backpack Blower
  2. AI Inc

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    I have 3
    01 f 350 178k , runs good
    02 f 250 80k runs good
    04 e250 60k , runs good
    Only real complaint is ignition coils , I have replaced all in the 350
  3. 5.0

    5.0 LawnSite Member
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    I run 2 of them and love them for service trucks. I don't tow anything with them though, so I can't speak to that (use my diesels for that). When you said your van is much faster than the 7.3, I hope you are talking about the nonturbo 7.3 IDI? My 7.3 Powerstrokes will dog my 5.4's and V10 on the way home at the end of the day.

    F350 has 207k miles on it and my F250 219k. Only problem I've had is the coil issue that AI mentioned. Oil gets changed every 3k.
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  4. genesis215

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    I wasn't talking about an IDI, but a '95 Powerstroke. When I give the 5.4L and the Powerstroke the same amount of acceleration, the 5.4L gets up to speed much quicker, and with the same amount of fuel. The Powerstroke holds it's speed once there much better though than the 5.4L. That's all I am saying. I do appreciate not having the loud diesel noise for hours anymore, and also no more $50 oil changes. The fuel mileage I am getting is about the same for both engines (18-19 MPG). And gas is less expensive.
  5. RightLawnsKY

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    i have one in my moms expedition. with a volant air intake. it really takes off and give a nice pwerful tone. the onbly engine problem would be that IAC valve where it idles a little rough but we arnt getting that fixed until it wont idle anymore. im tryin to get her to sell it to me after college. oh yeah she just hit 110k miles this year!!!
  6. nobagger

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    My 06 has the 5.4L and so far so good with 20 some thousand miles on it. I added a few things that seem to make a big difference. I added a K&N air induction kit, an SCT tuner which made a huge difference in throttle response and power. I havent had any problems at all and its either pulling or pushing something.
  7. Signature Landscaping1

    Signature Landscaping1 LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Mass
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    106k on my 04 F250 5.4. Been good so far.

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