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    ok guys here is what i think if you are having these problems with the non profesional if say in your paper there are twenty adds in for lawn and landscape work say 5 are pros ,pay tax have insurance and so on get together with the the 5 guys that are profesionals and take anouther add out in the paper in the same section as your adds and say in the add how to choose a pro and how the scabs are taking over running illigal buisness no tax and insurance and so on this will make the shoppers think twice there is no doubt alot of people still look out for the hard working american small buisness man. also it might scare off some of the scrubs .plus get together with the outher landscapers and make up bumper stickers that say that you are a pro and only give them to pros do you know what i mean or you could get the circle with the line through it that says scrubs alot of the better costomers also look to see if you have a biz listing in the phone book .and you have to school the costomer when you give the estimate ask them if the lowballer with no insurance gets hurt on the property is he going to sue you or if he drives his murry through the front door will his ins pay no because heDOES NOT HAVE ANY and you sue him now all you get is a 200.00 amc pacerlet the costomer know you expence.

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    Don't assume just cause the guy is using a crapsman rider that he isn't paying taxes, you don't know this. Trust me I'm sure there are plenty of socalled professional companies out there that are grossly undereporting there net earnings, probably about 50%.
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    slingshot<br> i like the idea of taking out the second add i think i might just add those words into my add, something along the lines of if you dont choose us please choose someone else that is running a legal business. i worked for a guy for a couple of years and i didnt know he wasnt paying all his takes, well anyway he got to be a really big lawn company and then the irs came down on him for past taxes and he lost it all, i learned from that. i payed taxes from day 1, i dont want to finnally get where i want to be and then have them slam me, my philosophy is CYA <p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
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    The craftsman guy and the couple in the escort...Maybe they are pedophiles, or homosexuals, or not paying taxes. One can assume anything. You cant just run around accusing people of wrong doing, with out evidence. This is like the witch trials of old.<p>Im not trying to be critical of this problem, and everyones concern here, nor do I encourage or accept tax evasion. I also think it is insane that a man who plays baseball recieves 20 times the income of a medical doctor. This situation is like drugs, there will always be a market for the little &quot;pusher&quot;.<p>A legal solution...hire an investigator to amass information on your suspected scrubs. What will be needed are bank statements for several years, reciepts of all related expenses, his/her tax returns, documentation of addresses he/she maintains, if paid in cash video of him/her recieving payment. You cant charge a person with tax evasion because of the brand of mower or car they drive. The cost will be high. And we all know that the suspect will be replaced by another MTD pushing &quot;pusher&quot;.<p>My scrub protection gear involves long hours, attention to detail on my equipment and work. And visiting this forum for insights. And not worrying about the scrubs.

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