Save The Scag - It is Now Toast - Literally

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by pjm123a, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Hey I'm all about repair, rebuild and keeping things going for ever! Most things can last forever I think. Most people just throw things away when they have problems. (albeit, your mower had worse much problems then others!) How cool that would be to say. "ya this mower burnt to the ground, and I rebuilt it!"

    I laughed when you said that 60 was to cold to work. Here in the mountain west it's finally been reaching 60's for the highs and I'm loving it! No coats or hoodys just short sleeve shirt. Feels good after working on my equipment all winter in an UN-insulated, UN-heated shop in temps in the teens and twenties! Different worlds for sure.
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    Heck, we've barely have gotten out of the 50's here the last three weeks.

    Went cold on us again this week with highs barely reaching the middle 40's.

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    Some comments and an update:

    It wasn't me who said anything about the 60's being too cold to work :) I spent my share of time in a cold garage in NJ. I will say that if I have to chose between hot and and cold, I'll take hot. The main reason being hands. When your hands go numb from the cold it can be pretty hard to turn a wrench!

    I am not trying to make the mower a show-piece so the decals and slight color variation don't bother me much. One of my goals was to use as many "burned" parts as possible and I did not mind the missing or blackened decals. Far as I'm concerned it makes the mower unique and besides once it starts mowing again in the FL sun with the dust flying its going to all blend in anyway :)

    Since I've had the mower from the time it was new (almost 8 years now) and never touched the baffle it did not seem to make sense to take it off only to put it right back on in the same place so I just left it alone.

    Attached are a couple of pics showing the progress on the deck painting. Its a bit rougher looking than the mower chassis but then again it is a deck. With any luck I will begin re-assembling the deck over the next couple of days. Working on the deck is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. That thing is heavy!


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    here's a pic of mine I had it sandblasted and a buddy at a body shop is going to spray it for me..i'm doing a cleanup on a 2006 TT 880 hours
    with a missing half circle baffle under the deck and a frozen gearbox...
    (lack of maintenance,) bought it at a pawnshop.....

    I've twisted wrenches for many years as a hobbyist ..

    my last project was a rebuild on a 660 yamaha grizzly....

    I love it..




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    didn't realize I couldn't edit a post after 10 minutes on your site.....great job and determination on your rebuild!


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    Post it on Craigslist-- Scag Tiger Cub 1500.00

    Then post that second pic - hilarious!
  7. pjm123a

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    Stealing my thread back..... :)

    I consider the painting done and am re-assembling the deck. I will probably order one new spindle (the other 2 are fine) rather than cannibalizing the spare deck since it may be possible to salvage that entire deck. First spindle is back on. Hafta say that greasing a spindle on the workbench is soooooo much easier than doing it on the deck! I also sprang for some grips for the mower. Surely gives it a more polished look. But I tell ya, getting those grips on was not easy! I worked up a real sweat. I found that spraying wd-40 liberally into the grips and onto the shafts as I worked them down helped. Anyway work is continuing.







  8. knox gsl

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    I've found that dish washing liquid is the best thing for installing grips. It makes it easy to slide on and when it dries it will be real sticky.
  9. Bashby

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    I've installed a few motorcycle grips in my day. Any lube used to install seems to result in the grip not "gripping" the handlebar/throttle. Someone showed me a trick that worked great, brake cleaner... spray inside the grip, sling out the excess, slide it on. They stick great! Of course they are a little different than ztr grips, but it might be worth a shot.
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    golf grip solvent is the best. or wrap in water soluble tape and use water.

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