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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Miller Rules, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Miller Rules

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    I bout a Magna-Matic balancer at first I liked it,Now I think its more trouble than its worth. Ill balancer a blade get it almost right and just barely touch it with the grinder ,then the author side drops strait down or it stop dead at a cert an point and stays till you move it a little bit then it drop strait down.Ill be better off buying new mandrills if they go bad (Good concept bad design)
  2. Magna-Matic

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    Hello All,

    Miller Rules, please understand the MAG-1000 is used for more than lawn mower blades it is an accurate instrument. So with that said, to properly use the MAG-1000 please follow these steps to be efficient.

    1 - Clean Blade

    2 - Check blade straightness with MAG-1000 gauge rod.

    3 - Place the blade on the MAG-1000, locating the hole on the cone and sliding the magnetic chuck forward.

    4 - Bring the blade to a horizontal position.

    5 - The heavy end will immediatly be indicated by the side that starts to fall toward the 6 o'clock position.

    6 - Take the blade off the balancer and sharpen the LIGHT END to completion.

    7 - Now sharpen the heavy end to completion.

    8 - Place the blade back on the balancer in a horizontal position - if the blade does not move OR -- MOVES VERY SLOWLY, the blade is well within tolerance and is finished.

    9 - If the blade instead still falls quickly sharpen more off of the heavy end.

    --- Miller Rules - the blade does not have to be absolutly perfectly still - to be within tolerance to use - now if you want perfect balance within fractions of a gram the MAG-1000 can indicate it, but it is not necessary. As i said above the MAG-1000 is used for more than just lawn mower blades so it is very accurate.

    You are not better off buying new mandrills (bearing spindles), simply using the MAG-1000 as indicated above will be fast and keep the blades in proper balance. An argument for not balancing blades is like saying, i just replace engines instead of change oil, becuase its messy. There are many things done to maintain a mower - oil, blade service, belts, filters, etc - if any one is neglected the machine will suffer, and ultimatly cost more money in the long run.

    The MAG-1000 has been an industry standard tool since 1958 the design and concept have been proven in the market place and shops around the world, and OEM blade mfgs use them in their quality control depts.

    Miller Rules, if you like i can mail you a new instruction manual for the MAG-1000 if you did not receive one or if it was lost - just email me your mailing address.

    Thank you,
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    Mine works great! Maybe you got a bad one?
  4. Magna-Matic

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    I truely do not think he got a "bad one" - because if that is the case we will replace it right away.

    But instead i feel MILLER is trying too hard to get the blade to "not move at all" on the balancer. You want the blade to stay relatively horizontal, or move very very slowly. Now if you want absolute perfection then the blade should not move at all. But the balancer is so sensitive that if you get the blade to move very slowly or stay relatively horizontal you are well within balance tolerance.

    Thank you,

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