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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Nashmowing, Mar 13, 2009.

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    I have just joined this website so excuse me for anything that might sound off the wall. I just want to give some of these guys some good advise, because I was there once.

    When I first started mowing lawns, it has to be some 20 years ago, I had just a simple toro push mower my pickup truck and I kept pretty darn busy, and I am here to tell you, I never thought that I would have what we have today.

    My son and I started mowing professionally about 10 years ago, and when we first started we really thought we could afford a lot of new equipment and instead we found out that new equipment was more costly then what we first thought.

    Into our 3rd year of business we went from 30 customers to 63 customers, which meant we were growing, and that meant we needed to be smarter with our money. So instead of going out and buying new equipment, we found used equipment that worked just fine, and we buy a lot of our used equipment online, you know the craig's list deal and also ebay, you can always find pretty good deals.

    You young guys have to be smarter, and really watch your money spending. Don't always run out and buy the biggest and the best, until you have enough accounts to pay for it, take your time, and choose your equipment wisely. Save money by buying your own parts and tools online, I cannot tell you how much money I have saved buying online tools and parts compared to my local repair shops, geez they see you coming!!!!!

    Find Places, that cater to the green industry like I have over the years, and really focus on websites like this and others that are out there, listen to these people men!!!

    Just to give you some idea, just about a month ago, I was searching the net and I came across this website, it was a tool store and parts store which sells after market tools and parts. I get 10% off anything in the store for just signing up as a Commercial Mower!!!!!!!!! these are the kinds of deals you need to look for to save you money. I picked up 4 new backpack blowers cheaper then what I would have gotten from my local dealer.

    I also found this other place out of Texas, it is a huge lawnmower junk yard, and I will tell you what, I have saved myself tons of money on used parts, I found parts for some equipment that you just can't seem to find anywhere else.

    Also, now that I have covered these areas, lets talk about who you hire. Image is everything guys, and so be smart when you hire your employees. Because I am going to tell you what, if you hire friends, you are stupid as they come, unless you both don't work together. Be kind to your men or women, I have 9 women mowers, and they are my best people, and always look good, and people see that image and they like what they see and want a company like that in their yard. Your company images is also important. Dress neat, keep your equipment clean, and you will do good.

    Well fellows I hope this has helped you. I look forward to comments.
  2. shepoutside

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    Well price is important, so is a good relationship with your dealer. Value overall is the better deal. My dealer would not be in a hurry to fix or warranty anything not bought at his/her place, but offers me loaners, and demos, etc, along with other free giveaways, and more importantly, advise. So don't forget value, when pricing equipment.

    Public Auctions are a wonderful place to buy equipment too. I started up, with 1 year old equipment, bought at the local public works auction. Paid 20-50 % of the normal price, and they rotate there equipment every year.
  3. LushGreenLawn

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    Great post, but I agree about total value.

    I bought a JD 717a for my starter (Still using it) for $3950 at a local auction, with 66 hours on it and 8 months of warranty on it. It has been a great mower, and I've never had a major issue with it.

    The only thing is, if it goes down, I go down with it. I cannot get a loaner from a local dealer. My next mower I will buy new from a local dealer, and while I will spend about 2K more, if it breaks, I will be ahead of all the people getting fixed that did not buy from my dealer, and I will get a loaner for as long as my mower is being repaired.
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    Oh Yeah forgot about our good ole dealers!!!! I think that it is important to build a good relationship as well with your dealer, but needless to say my friend, not all dealers are trustful as yours or mine for some of these new guys. Don't you think?
  5. melanieb3

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    We have an awesome dealer here in our town. He owns a landscape business too. He ended up, after talking with us several times as we were searching for equipment, selling us some of his items for a REALLY great price.

    We got our 60 in ztr from a guy that moved here from up north off craigslist. He got out of the biz when he moved and needed to get rid of it cause his yard is tiny. Our other ztr, a guy that worked for the dealer wanted a bigger one and sold it to us for like half the price and it had minimal hours on it.

    If you look hard enough you can get good deals.

    He's and older guy. Started with nothing and built to what he has today. said he couldn't have made it without someone giving him breaks along to the way and is more than willing to help us out.

    When we were first looking, he was gonna let us borrow a ztr daily with no cost.

    So, you should go to your dealers and talk to them, feel them out and see how helpful that they can be. you never know when someone is actually gonna help you along your way!

    I hope to be in the position to pass forward a favor like this guys has done for us one day.
  6. ed2hess

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    Unfortunately most people dont' have the background to forage for parts like some of us old guys. They just have other interest and hence they better stay close to the dealer. Most of these guys aren't looking for a life time in this business but something to avoid working for minimum wage.
  7. melanieb3

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    my husband is only 32. I don't consider him old...since I am 28! But he can fix almost anything on a mower...when you're broke and you need'll figure things out..
  8. WeCare-LawnCare

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    I love the older 2-stroke lawnboys, and my dealer has a whole room of parts, so I feel it's great to build a working relationship with a good dealer. They are very good to share tips with us, when we first started.
  9. Toy2

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    Great post.......:usflag:
  10. ed2hess

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    Well that is pretty old:) Good for him actually there are a lot of guys on lawnsite that can fix stuff but some who probably but just dont' care to dig into it.

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