Saved by a Scag

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by justanotherlawnguy, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. justanotherlawnguy

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    WHile mowing yesterday between 2 houses with my 48" Lazer HP I got stuck.

    Here in FL, they like to build all these new developments over wetlands which cause very crappy drainage. The homes are so close the 48 barely fits.

    Anyway, I got about 4 feet down the side of the house and got the outside wheel stuck in some mud. There wasnt any getting out of it!!!!! I was pi$$ed.

    Normally there are any number of LCO's in the area servicing other homes, Not yesterday. I came across one guy with a 60" Super Z, I thought sweet he should be able to pull me out. No such luck, the guy didnt speak a lick of English. (Another reason I cant stand these guys, damn they can cut grass but heaven forbid you have to ask them something)

    I went back and tried to get out again, no such luck this time either... After looking for other help and driving around the whole neighborhood, i decided to just go back and finish the lawn with the WB and do the edging, trimming and blowing.
    Finally after getting so ticked off, I decided to go for one more trip around the block to see if any other LCO was working. WIth luck I got a guy who just finish blowing and was heading out. He had a 60" Scag and was more then willing to help.

    LUckily he had a chain as well and a hitch on his mower... SWEET!!!

    He hooked the chain, I got on mine and we went for it. WIth the ground being so wet, he had a little problem with traction, but with a few yanks I came out.
    THere were some monster ruts, but no damage to the fence or sprinkler heads back there.

    A 15 minute lawn ended up taking nearly 2 hours cause of this mess.
    I need to go out and get a chain like that just for any future encounters I might have.
    Defintate Thanks goes out to the dude with the SCAG :waving:
  2. Bulletproof

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    Gotta hand it to that guy giving you a hand!

    Around our area I wonder how much our competitors would be willing to lend a helping hand. I've told all of our employees to make it a point to wave whenever they see a competitor. It's amazing the funny looks you can get. But most wave thankfully.

    Hope you have no more incidents!
  3. MOturkey

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    I always carry a 25 foot tow strap on my trailer. I think a tow strap might be better than a chain, because they have some "give".
  4. BSDeality

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    I had a similar situation last year. I slid down a hill on my Z into some prickers because of a problematic septic. I tried using my ratchet straps to winch myself out 5" at a time. that didn't quite work. So i had to drive 10 miles, grab my come-a-long and chain and drive back. 35min lawn took almost 2.5 hours that day, plus the damage to the hill which I had to repair.

    BTW, the come-a-long stays in my truck all the time now.
  5. topsites

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    I carry a 100-ft. rope in the truck, the rope is long enough I can usually use the truck itself OR in an emergency, I resort to the hillbilly winch. I've never had to ask for help, maybe I really am a redneck, but in a bad situation where things can't get no worse the hillbilly winch RULES! I'm not sure you can pull out a car with the hillbilly but a mower would hardly be a challenge, other than the time it takes to do and undo the hillbilly.
    Now I seen where ppls talk about wrapping the rope around the tire but I don't use the hillbilly like that (thou I will keep it in mind). I tie it to the mower THEN go to a nearby tree with ALL the rest of the rope and it's hard to describe without a picture but:
    Wrap around tree one time clockwise THEN
    Flip the rope OVER the part that leads to the mower and PULL
    And wrap around tree one time counter-clockwise AND
    Flip the rope OVER the part that leads to the mower again and PULL
    And keep doing that, back and forth and flip it over the lead and pull, you get a few inches further everytime, 20-30 minutes later you're done.
    Hope it made sense...
  6. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    How to get a ROPE (cauz the good ones are NOT cheap!)

    See if you can find someone in your area does tree work (it's even better if you KNOW someone already) and ask them if from time to time they have a tree-climbing rope they no longer consider safe - A tree climber's rope will fray from them climbing up and rapelling down the tree and other stuff and once it's frayed to a point it is not considered safe for their use BUT the rope is still in VERY good shape. I got mine at no cost but it is likely they may want a little cash for it, but you're talking a 100+ dollar rope for what, 20-40 bucks?
    Or you can buy a brand-new one, they DO cost a bit but look at this beauty 7,000+ lb. test line (you can't break it with your truck!):
    Bad-azz ropes, 120' of THAT and you'll NEVER be asking for help again.

    and of course, you might expect this by now but notice where it says 'high performance' yes yes :)

  7. proenterprises

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    I think the most signifigant allie one can make in this biz is with the competition. You never know when you are going to be in a jam, and need a helping hand (or machine)
  8. Sir mowsalot

    Sir mowsalot LawnSite Senior Member
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    yea, very true, plus all of us lawn guys go thru the same things everyday, so we can identify with the other guy who needs help, and vice versa.
  9. brinlee lawn

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    I was mowing a pretty steep ditch at this one account with the dixie and lost traction and the front end took a plunge. Man that thing was buried, I bet we saw three other lco's drive by no one would help. Luckily we could get the truck to it and pull it out. Well two weeks later we were at the same account mowing and the guys who mow the kum & go across the street are mowing when I see one of the guys do the exact same thing I did on his john deere z. I went back to the truck got the tow strap run across the street and yanked out the john deere with the dixie, those guys were great we all just had a laugh. Now when we see them around town we always honk and wave at one another. I believe that is how it should be, we should help one another out. I dont know why so many lco's seem to have a problem with each other.
  10. RedWolf

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    If i see another LCO in trouble i stop and help.1 it makes you look good and 2 if the guy you helped gets slamed he will think of you because you took the time to stop and give him a hand.About two weeks ago i saw a fellow Lco on the side of the road because his truck was a old chevy and what had happen was the feed wire for the coil came lose.So i tightin it up and the truck came to life.Well a week later i get a call from him asking if i needed some work.He said he was slamed and couldnt take anymore work.So see how helping the fellow Lco pays off.And if you run into trouble he will remember that day you stoped for him and he will stop and lend you a hand.

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