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Saved the competition!


LawnSite Member
Yesterday I pulled up to my girlfriends house got out of my truck and started toward the door. I glanced over at the rival companies trailer which was parked by the next door neighbors house and I saw fire. I instinctively ran up to see what was burning. Right about that time one of the crew members from the rival company noticed it and ran up as well . I told him to go to another neighbors house who was mowing the lawn and ask for a fire extinguisher and to call 911. He did while I ran to my girlfriends house to ask the same question. I ran over with a 30 year old extinguisher and squeezed the trigger. EMPTY. So I ran back to my girlfriends house and extended the hose which had to have been 150 feet long as close as I could to the mower that was on fire and sprayed it which barely made it. But it did and it made a decent knockdown on the fire which thankfully had not spread to the gas tank. It turns out it was just a debris bag on a Exmark walk behind burning that started from a Wright Standers exhaust making contact with the bag Lesson Learned YOU MUST HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER OR YOU COULD LOOSE YOUR EQUIPMENT! Although the gas tank wasn't at risk in this particular situation it could have been rendering the water useless. Coincidentally I also serve as a firefighter for the local township that the fire occured in so I'll have something to talk about next shift at the firehouse.


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I caught some leaves on fire underneath my Walker mower. AAAAHHHHHH!!!! Luckily I was @ my own house & that truck & trailer went dashing across the lawn to get it hosed off ASAP!


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Garner, NC
My dealer carries Hustler, Toro, and Walker. They told me they see almost one mower a year come in burnt up due to leaves and debris collecting around the engine and exhaust.:hammerhead:


LawnSite Gold Member
I caught a big pile of leaves on fire in a lawn last fall. I was backing over them to chop them up, and a big pile got under the muffler, and I had a pretty good fire pretty quick. Luckily nothing on the mower caught fire, and I was able to stomp out the leaves that were on fire.

I saw a toasted Walker diesel a couple months ago at a dealer. Guess the owner fixed a broken fuel line with duct tape. FACT- you can fix ALMOST everything with duct tape, just NOT fuel lines:laugh: