Saving costs due to crews traveling site to site

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by perneighbor, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. perneighbor

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    A lot of time and money is lost while crews are driving from site to site. How do you all cut down on drive time between jobs?

    Do any of you give customers a discount if they get their neighbors to sign up for lawn care services on the same day?

    I am thinking about building a system for encouraging customers to promote businesses to their neighbors in exchange for discounts. Would something like this help you all?
  2. WenzelOSLLC

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    I've read a thread like this before and what a lot of people said is that offering a discount isn't Ideal because if the new clients go with someone else after a while and then you need to 'raise' prices on the discounted clients.

    I've gotten most of my clients neighbors just by my current client giving out good reviews and doing good work. I prefer this just because then you aren't leaving money on the table.
  3. perneighbor

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    Thank you. I didn't think of that.

    Do you incentivize referrals? For example, if a customer gives a referral to someone in the neighborhood, do you give a one time discount to the existing customer?
  4. WenzelOSLLC

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    My client's don't get anything they didn't pay for. I just do the job they pay me to do the best I can.

    That being said, on garbage days I do bring up the trash cans after the garbage man has come by if he came before/while I'm there. That is more because they need to be moved so I can do my work but the customers just see it as me doing something extra. Same with newspapers; if I'm getting out of the truck when plowing or off the mower to move it, I just take the extra 15 secs to throw it up by the front door.

    That's what ends up having them recommend me to the neighbors and it doesn't cost me anything. That is just my view.

    I however have considered offering a one time promotion like spraying weeds if they get me a recurring service client or a couple bags of mulch to freshen up their beds. Those are tailored to each client based on what they have in the yard. I'm not going to put down 10yds of mulch for free just to get a mow and go but I would do like 1/4 yd.
  5. WenzelOSLLC

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    Oh, and the 'one time' incentive would be something that they would end up seeing me do and want me to keep doing. The mulch could end up being done year after year and thus ends up earning more revenue.
  6. Utah Lawn Care

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    Get $50 off your next bill when referring a neighbor who signs up for our weekly services.

    Come up with several post cards, letters, door hangers, mailers etc. Every 3-5 weeks put one on the 10-15 homes around each of your clients homes.

    Charge more for people who are out of your service area. I do a bi-weekly mow 13k square feet that is out of my service area. I told the guy I would have to charge him $95 per cut because 1/2 hour of travel time. He said that's fine.
  7. grandview (2006)

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    Have the 1st guy that's done walk a couple of fliers to the neighbors. A nice thank you letter gets some people every time they get a referral to them send a thank you.

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