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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NBLL, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. NBLL

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    I'm fairly new to this business. Started with a few mowing accounts middle of the season last year and expanded this year but still a one person crew mowing a couple of days a week. Would like to know what everyone does to save time. Everything from filling up the mowers with gas the night before to adding trimmer racks for better organization. What do you do to make the most of your day???
  2. Tim Canavan

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    For me, one of the most important time savers is the driving route. I know you don't have alot of accounts, but when you do, group them wisely. Drive time is a killer.
    Another killer is your routes in the lawn. Take the fastest routes when you're weedeating and trimming as well as when you're mowing.
    Bring your lunch and always be prepared for something to go wrong. In other words, have your tools and extra parts with you when your working.
    That's all I've got for now. I hope it'll help.:cool:
  3. Albemarle Lawn

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    Eat while driving.
    Office (phone) while driving.
    Make your helper re-string weedeaters while riding shotgun.

    Drive circle routes: Go out of town on one road, come back on another, hitting accounts all the way.

    Combine work and personal stops.

    Get lots of spare blades and sharpen them all at once.

    Tell your customers you will knock $5 off each cut for referring you to a neighbor: (unload once for many stops).

    Drop off a helper to work when you go to the bank, titty bar, etc.

  4. Sean Adams

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    Taking the time to plan each day makes a difference. Sounds simple enough, but matters. Have your routes tight, know the calls you need to make, the stops you need to make, etc... plan, pan, plan....

    It's that after hours at home or in the office that will allow your crews or yourself to be most productive when earning the money...

    Great advice above.
  5. Doc Pete

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    Good thoughts...... Just remember it's just a job. If you start counting your foot steps, and stop talking to customer to save time, you'll never make it the next 20 years............. Take time to smell the roses... of each job;)


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