savings by NOT HAVING health insurence

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    Bobby- You are a brave man, a very brave man, to say that on the internet:p :p :p
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    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby,
    Educate yourself my man. Look into a high deductible plan, or better yet an HSA. Actually that is exactly what you are looking for... a tax deferred savings plan that is accessible for medical expenses. Your also covered by major medical plan at a fraction of your current cost in case you do something else stupid besides living in a country where you can financially plan a eutopian life, without having some form of health coverage. But, I guess you could always just let medicare take care of you and your family if anything bad ever happened. I mean your entitled to that, right? The government is supposed to take care of you, right? God said that once before, didn't He? Matter of fact, if I were you: I would just live on credit cards, put every bit of cash into stock options and foreign commodities, drop all forms of insurance, and buy motorcycles for the whole family to save on gas. Balls to the wall, baby! Don't worry. If the bottom drops out the rest of the responsible nation will take care of you via socialist gov't. programs. Good luck!
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    "savings by NOT HAVING health insurence"

    By the way, Mr. financial genius... "INSURANCE":eek:

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