savings by NOT HAVING health insurence

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bobbygedd, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Well I happened to fall suddenly into the NOT average catagory.

    I do think that another posted the correct answer, it's not the insurance that's the scam, but the COST of the healthcare. I think everyone KNOWS that what Doctors offices "charge" insurance companys for procedures and aids is not the same figure that they would charge a person directly.
    I recently had to have an ankle brace for my right leg. It's plastic with a rubber sole like a shoe, has a cloth material liner that has padding in it and 6 velcro straps to hold it on. They charged my insurance company 600 dollars for this thing!!! I'm only to wear it a month and after 3 and a half weeks my ankle hurts more now than before.

    Because of what the doctors offices are scamming the insurance industry for, we all get to pay for it now.

    If you choose to NOT have health insurance, then for god's sake start an account to put money into just incase. Invest the money after a while in some sort of funds that you can liquidate quick in case of an emergency. Bankruptcy laws in many states are changing just because of the number of people that file due to hospital expences.
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    My opinion............After working the the Health Care Field for MANY MANY years, i've seen numerous people loose everything they had and ever thought of having because of no insurance or not the right kind. Any FOOL that doesn't carry some medical insurance is indeed a FOOL. Some go to the doctor for a bad cold, just wanting a lil relief and say hey doc, while i'm here look at this, and low and behold it turns out to be something very serious and cost them $$$$ with insurance and would have cost them lots more without it.

    I myself (Yes I am in my early 40's) have kidney stones, have had gallbladder removed and some female problems in the last 10 years and thank GOD above that we had insurance. If ya want numbers and exact facts on it i'm sure i could dig them up.

    Look around and see the facts are there in black and white and sometimes red and blue lol..............
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    if what you're saying is correct, then health ins companies are losing a great deal of money
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    #1 You don't worry about my numbers, their not yours to worry about. #2 For someone that can't even reveal his true name, thats a pretty BIG supposition your making there. If you would like to go toe to toe on that one, you can step up to the plate anytime. :)
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    Actually Bobby, a lot of the companies that strictly sold health insurance have gone bankrupt. Then some other company with deeper pockets came along and swooped them up to increase incoming cashflow and to broaden their customer base for cross selling them their other products.

    A lot of the insurance companies out their today don't really profit a lot off the health insurance, as well as other products over the long haul. Again, where a lot of these companies make real money is re-investing the premium dollars.
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    No Id be glad I have it so the doctors can save my life or a family members life, without taking my life savings. And if something did happen I may not be alive in 40yrs because of an instance where they couldn't help b/c I had no insurance. All it takes is one mis-hap. Get your foot crushed under a loader bucket, get into a deadly car accident, which could happen anytime. there are too many things that could happen to make you sorry you did't have it IN AN INSTANT.
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    Oh and Bobby do you know what it costs to have a baby? It's astronomical, more than most people have in a bank account.
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    you are once AGAIN, CHANGING THE SUBJECT. if u can't stick to the subject at hand (which, you intruded on) then why bother responding? if you are suggesting "going toe to toe" means revealing my personal name, adresss, and phone ##, only a complete azz would do that. basically, you're saying, you trolled on my thread? you have no real input? thank you. i hope the big red shoes fit comfortably
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    hmm, no, but tell me. how much does it cost, to have a baby?
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    I don't have an exact figure, but I know you could buy a new truck at that cost.

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