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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by William Burnison, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. William Burnison

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    Any one out there been to one of these Savio seminars? I have been to projects in several states this past fall and this last week as well and all I hear is great comments about this awesome new educational program that Savio is doing. Showing how installation contractors can get their water features to look more natural with this R.I.S.E. technique developed by some contractor that teaches their classes.

    Has any one out there been to one? How much is it? Are they as good as everyone says? How do you find where the classes are? I have heard that the classes all fill up real fast and the ones I have talked to say they would go back again. Any comments? Walkin' On Water.
  2. Venturewest

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    I have been to a Savio W.F.I. It was $129. It was 2 days long. One in class, one hands on pond free waterfall build. Do a search for Savio and you should see my thread on it. It was really good. It will change the way I do features. I would like to go to another one or two using differant rocks available in other parts of the country.

    Go to

    and you can find Savio training near you.

    When I went only 6 people signed up, so for 2 days we really got to interact in the training.

    So you are a member of the NAPP then?
  3. William Burnison

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    Venturewest, I am a part of a group that is a member of the NAPP so I am well aware of all they do for this industry. I want to start a seperate personal and individual membership with them for my company this year so that I can "vote" on issues that come up from time to time.

    I truely believe in the fact that we must support the industry that supports us. I can't count how many times serious issues have come up that could change the face of this industry for the worse and the NAPP was the first to step in and help. Like the issue in Nevada where a contractor was being shut down by the Pool and Spa Industry and the NAPP proved in a Nevada State Court that their is a very distinct difference between a sterile "pool" and a "living" water feature. Or the situation where a small boy fell into a pond and died in Florida last year and the state legislature tried to severly restrict water feature installations and who was the "only" industry representative there? The NAPP. It was a shame that a child lost their life, but stopping the installation of all water features was not the answer. The NAPP saved a lot of jobs that day. And most everyone remembers the situation in Louisiana and the West Nile Virus scare a couple of years ago when lawmakers there thought that water features were no more than mosquito breeding grounds and wanted to restrict water feature installations. The NAPP brought in experts that showed mosquitos do not like moving water and all of their natural enemies live in ponds and you will find more mosquitos in the gutters on a house than you will find in a well designed water feature. But the funniest comment of all at the hearing was the NAPP comment that the state lawmakers obviously forgot where they live..."Louisiana", a swampy state where nearly 1/5th of the state in under water at any given point in time. If you have a mosquito problem, perhaps you should look there and not at ornamental water features.

    And yes, there are "other" organizations out there but if you look behind the scenes you will easily see who is really looking out for us, the National Association of Pond Professionals. It may be cool to "belong" to some organizations but I would rather support an organization that time and time again has stood up for our individual rights to get up every morning and design and install water features and pay our bills and support our families.

    Their membership has doubled since last years National Convention, they have thirty or forty of the industrys leading manufacturers as members and some of the things they have started doing this year will definitely raise their numbers even higher. Everywhere I look I see NAPP Membership logos on web sites, magazine ads, etc. It is easy to see where the majority of the industry puts their trust and support.

    They are non-profit and they look out for my business and this industry and that is important to me. They are the first, oldest and largest organization out there and that says a lot as well.

    They may not have a big flashy web site, but then again they are truely a non-profit organization with limited funding, that is largely supported by volunteers just like us...out there trying to make a living. And in their spare time, they are not out taking it easy, they are spending time making the industry better for all of us by volunteering their time with the NAPP.

    Did I get carried away with your question/comment? Sorry but I am very passionate about this industry. I love my job!!! Walkin' On Water.
  4. Venturewest

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    William, did you think about attending this? It is only 40 minutes from my home so it is killing me not being able to go. I have the schedule and it looks like it will be packed with information.
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    i mean no offense by this at all...

    i know and have read about the work the napp have done.and i totaly respect being a non for profit and working so hard.. I can't speak for the members area but the website hasn't been updated in 2 years.. i would not be happy with it.

    theres a link for level 1 testing... whats level one testing? maybe a short sentence would be nice. the site just looks horrible... I probably will join but really they are missing the boat on not making it a little newer fresher and putting some more info out there to the public and to potential members..

    i don't need a super flash site.. just some basic info....

    just my .02


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