Saw a Exmark ztr in a ditch today


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Driving to a job today I passed a lawn crew standing around a zero turn in a drainage ditch on the side of the road. I don’t know for sure but I’d bet the operator was trying to get too much of the slope. In my short experience I have come to the conclusion that most mower operators and small landscapers would rather eat glass then pull the cord on a 21” and mow with it. I just took over an account that the last guy wouldn’t mow a 10’x10’ area on the side of the house because his ztr couldn’t fit. The home owner had to complain so dude string trimmed it and it looked like trash apparently. We all want to be fast and especially those of y’all who run crews but what is the big deal about using a 21” ?


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Want to bump this to see how y’all feel about pulling a 21 off the trailer, refuse to, or just another tool?
In some communities where you’ll be servicing several or all the houses (think hoa) you’ll push mow something for one then EVERYONE will expect that. We had an issue some more to that in an HOA we service. They didn’t want the big mower (in our case that means a walker mower). Before you know it you’re expected to push mow acres. That said if your working for a single client I‘d have no problem getting out the push mower for the right price.

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