Saw another cotton mouth today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Haggerty, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I was weed eating along the edge of a private lake today. Just a little strip of grass about 3" wide. I was trimming ahead of where I was walking, not paying much attention. I think the weedeater line must have touched the snake! It contorted once and dived into the water. I didn't even see it swim away it was so fast.
    It's the first time I saw one from the ground while wearing shorts. The other times I was on equipment looking down. And it's the first time I ever saw one of these snakes that it wasn't charging someone or something. They're super agressive. I guess the whirring of the weedeater string startled it into retreat. Heck! no more than I saw it may have struck at the string.
    I'm lucky to be alive. Since thest snakes don't officially exist this far north I'll bet there's no antivenom for it in the state.
    I know it was a cotton mouth water moccasin. Lots of taper from head to middle then tapered to the tail. Triangular profile to the body, almost 3 flat sides. And it was the color and texture of dried leaves. Kind of greyish brown and dry looking. I guess I got a better look than I said.
    Noooo... I didn't see it's pure white cotton like mouth. I think if I had I wouldn't be sitting here now typing this.
    It was so fast it was gone before I got the adrenalin rush. I finished the job. But kept a careful eye out for it's mate. These snakes seem to always be in pairs. I never saw the other snake.
    I've seen this snake at this lake before. And the lake is 100% mowed around. All residential!

    Anyway that's the closest I've come to dieing today.

  2. dKoester

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    We had one retreat from us earlier in the week.
  3. RonB

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    I cut up a brown colored snake about a foot long Monday while trimming a ditch. Didn't even see it until I came back and found it about dead. Mighta been a little rattler, didn't look that close, I was in a hurry. Just flicked it back into the ditch with my foot and moved on.

    Most all poisonous snakes have triangular heads.
  4. rsingleton

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    I had one strike at my tire about 2 weeks ago. If I never saw another one it would be too soon.

  5. tacoma200

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    Your right, the game and fish dept. would not believe you. Too far north.
  6. ocelot27

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    I was mountain biking in So Cal climbing a long hill out of the park with my head down. I looked up just to check the trail for a better line only to see a 4' Southern Pacific rattlesnake stretched out across the trail about 2' from my front tire. Slammed on the brakes and rolled back slowly - he lit up his rattle briefly and took his time crossing the trail. When I finally rode by he rattled again. Most snakes don't go out of their way to bite - their instinct is to preserve venom at all costs. Virtually all level 1 ER's in the country will have CroFab in the fridge - don't worry if you get tagged by a Cotton Mouth - not a very dangerous snake - you will spend the night in the ER though. ER's even in "safe" areas stock antivenin (not "antivenom") for the sake of zookeepers and snake enthusiasts. The most dangerous snake in the US is the Mohave rattlesnake - they can kill even when you do make it to the ER and get lots of CroFab. I lived in So Cal for a year and got used to seeing rattlesnakes in the parks - they always warn you and they're pretty harmless unless you step on one. Mountain Lions and Bears are what I really fear.
  7. hosejockey2002

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    What he said. Even though cottonmouths are aggressive, it's very rare for someone to die by their bite, or any snake found in the US for that matter. I beleive there are around 20 deaths per year by snakebite, and about half of those are young, drunk males who intentionally handle them. (natural selection at work there) Level 1 trauma centers anywhere should be able to handle poisonous snakebite. Our local center has the capability mostly for the morons who keep them as pets.
  8. daveintoledo

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    but im really not surprised, ..

    i saw a really big rat today, one block from my house, i dont like that , and i did see a big garter snake today, and let the homeowner know, she has a small daughter who i have seen playing in that area alot...

    they say there are no poisones snakes in ohio..

    i say they are wrong....:hammerhead:
  9. General Landscaping

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    First off, a little correction. Snakes, scorpions, bees, etc. are venomous.
    Toads, mushrooms, and plants are poisonous. It's the injection part that denotates venomous.

    Now the "fun" part..... Once a venomous snake is all pizzed off, is a trimmer at WOT really a good tool for dealing with them? Is there a technique to make sure they don't make it past the "spinning string of death"
  10. Thanks ocelot27, Hosejocky2002, and everyone else. I was just about ready to refuse to trim that property. I'll keep trimming now I know i'll live thru it:rolleyes:


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